Operation Compassion Tackles At Risk, Malnourished Children

Hunger continues to plague an estimated one billion people around the world. Thirteen to eighteen million people, mostly children, die from hunger-related causes each year. That’s 35,000 people a day, over 1,000 every hour.

What the Bible says about Deterrents, Defense

“Churches are places of safety. Is this true? Not during this era of Islamist terrorism and the recent AME Church shooting in South Carolina. We should not forget but we do – things ‘normalize’ then it happens again and again. The ‘no guns allowed’ signs placed in secular institution windows is laughably un-enforceable – unless gunmen are lulled into pacifism by large black text,” stated Rick Dack of Defending the Bible International (www.defendingthebible.com). What does the Bible say about deterrents, defense and the Hebrew genocide myth (Exodus) used by some to reject faith?

Sharefaith Launches Migration Program for Church Websites

Sharefaith, one of the leading church websites providers, introduces a program for churches to improve their website by completely moving old information to the new platform. This process known as website migration is a notoriously difficult and time-consuming process. Sharefaith completes the service free of charge for new customers who purchase Sharefaith’s Complete Yearly plan.

Hope in the Midst of Tragedy

Bob Reccord, President, Hope for the Heart, Offers a Word of Hope in Response to Charleston, S.C. Tragedy: