Global Media Outreach and Christian Vision Partner to Share the Gospel

Global Media Outreach (GMO), a leading Internet evangelism and discipleship ministry ( and Christian Vision (, a UK-based international charity, are partnering to share the good news of Jesus Christ through online missions to strategic language groups, including Spanish-speaking peoples.

Revolutionary New Jesus iPhone in Time for Christmas

Want to bring the spirit of Christ with you always? There’s an app for that!

NIV Bibles Top Amazon and Apple eBook Religion Charts

Ebooks are among the fastest-growing segments in the publishing industry, and eBibles are no different.

Ground-breaking Christian iPhone Application

Want to ride the Jesus wave into the 21st century? There’s an app for that!

Social Media in Ministry

We are not being sarcastic when we say that the first step in getting social on the web… is getting on the web. Before you can create engagement and interaction you have to create a virtual presence for yourself. Claim your virtual real estate! Get your domain name! Your

Then get a website. You may ask, “Should I have a website or a blog?” Websites are more effective if they are more than online business cards. What do I mean? Websites should be living things – able to interact with visitors, draw visitors back and offer them value. And of course they need to offer easy to find contact and service information. And, FYI, free services are less likely to be found in search engines and usually have advertisements so be careful. You want your website to be:

The Evolution of the Internet

It hardly seems possible that the world wide web, www. Has grown to over 260 million users in the United States alone. Nearly 2 Billion people around the world are online, 1/4 of the earths population! The statistics are astounding.