Promise Keepers CEO Responds to Hollywood’s Attack on Masculinity

University No Longer Requires Students to Sign Covenant That Promotes Traditional Marriage

When the administration of Azusa Pacific University dropped the section of its student code of conduct that banned same-sex relationships last August, reaction was swift.

empty tomb®, inc. Invites People to send God a Valentine

Americans spent $18.2 billion on a recent Valentine’s Day, showing affection for the special ones in their lives.

Christian Medical Association Condemns Late-Term Abortion

The Christian Medical Association (CMA,, the nation’s largest faith-based association of doctors, today condemned New York’s new law allowing abortions up until delivery and Virginia’s similar legislation as “medically unnecessary” and “morally bankrupt.”

Poll Finds 3 in 4 Americans Support Abortion Restrictions

The eleventh annual Marist Poll on American attitudes toward abortion finds that overwhelming majorities support substantial restrictions on abortion, and would like to see Roe v. Wade reinterpreted to allow restrictions.

Christian Psychologist Explains Scary Spike in Child Suicide

Shocking stories of young children committing suicide have captured recent headlines, raising concerns about what could be fueling these tragedies.
While experts point to various causes, they say some key activities can help protect your children, like teaching them about God.

Millennials: 57 Percent Say Abortion is a Sin

Surprising findings about the beliefs of 18-34-year-olds have been released. Millennials hold more conservative views than older adults in several areas, as revealed by Ligonier Ministries’ 2018 State of Theology survey.

Majority of Americans: ‘Religious Belief is a Matter of Personal Opinion’

Most Americans say that religious beliefs are simply a personal perspective and are not related to objective reality, according to findings released today from the State of Theology survey.

Georgia School Removes ‘Speech Zones’ for Pro-Life Student Group

Through a lawsuit last February, the Kennesaw State University chapter of Ratio Christi Campus Apologetics Alliance has prompted KSU to change its “speech zones” policies. On several occasions, KSU had relegated Ratio Christi’s pro-life displays to be presented in a “speech zone” that made up less than 0.08 percent of the 405-acre campus, stating the subject was “controversial,” and denying the use of other available space on campus.

First Church Crime Study Based on FBI Crime Data

The National Organization of Church Security & Safety Management (NOCSSM™) has produced a first-of-its-kind study of church crimes based on the FBI’s National Incident-Based Reporting System or “NIBRS.”

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