IRS Changes Mileage Rate

In an unusual, but expected, move, the Internal Revenue Service recently announced that they are raising the allowed reimbursement rate used for calculating business miles in private vehicles. Effective July 1, 2022, the new mileage rate will be 62.5 cents a mile, up from 58.5 cents a mile.

National Survey: Voters Overwhelmingly Side with Parents

The Parental Rights Foundation, working with Heart and Mind Strategies, recently asked the following question of a national audience: “In general, parents have the constitutional right to make decisions for their children without government interference unless there is proof of abuse or neglect. Do you agree or disagree with this view of parental rights?”

Movement Calls Seniors to Find ‘God-Given Purpose’ in Retirement

More Americans over the age of 50 are facing loneliness and lack of purpose in their retirement years, according to a national faith-based movement that aims to turn things around.

New Book: Biblical Strategies to Abolish Abortion

Rusty Thomas, an Army veteran with the 101st Airborne, classically trained actor, fulltime minister of the Gospel of the Kingdom, author, and abortion abolitionist has completed his new book, “Biblical Strategies to Abolish Abortion.”

New Study Reveals Evangelical Priorities in Giving

A new study from Infinity Concepts and Grey Matter Research asked evangelical Protestant donors to name their very favorite charity or ministry to support. Their answers reveal a lot about the giving priorities of evangelicals.

Isolated Christians Turning to New Streaming Service

Christians in the Middle East, including many struggling to survive, are using their smartphones to connect with other believers on the region’s first-ever faith-based video-on-demand service.

Churches Returning to Pre-Pandemic Normal—But With One Major Change

As government regulations from the COVID-19 pandemic have begun to wane, houses of worship across the country are lifting their rules and returning to normal practices.

More Service Members Seek Relief in Navy SEAL 1 Case

Liberty Counsel has filed another temporary restraining order on behalf of 22 military plaintiffs in Navy SEAL 1 v. Austin who face immediate discipline, including those on Wednesday, March 23, after their religious accommodation requests were denied from the COVID shot mandate.

Group Applauds Governor for Signing ‘Heartbeat Bill’

BOISE, Idaho — Stanton Healthcare is celebrating Gov. Brad Little’s signing of Senate Bill 1309 which amends the Fetal Heartbeat Preborn Child Protection Act that was passed last year. The new bill includes a private enforcement mechanism modeled after the Texas law which has already withstood several federal court challenges, including not being blocked by the U.S. Supreme Court or the state of Texas’ Supreme Court.

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