House Passes Pro-Life Initiatives

With a new Republican majority, the U.S House of Representatives passed pro-life measures on Wednesday, including one aimed at protecting babies who survive an abortion and one condemning violence against pro-life charities and churches.

Fight for Unborn Children Continues in the States

The Idaho Supreme Court ruled last week that the state Constitution does not provide a fundamental right to abortion.

Christian Flag Case in Boston Settles for $2.125 Million

After five years of litigation and a unanimous 9-0 U.S. Supreme Court ruling, the City of Boston has agreed to pay Liberty Counsel $2,125,000.00 for attorney’s fees and costs for the unconstitutional religious viewpoint discrimination of the Christian flag.

Survey: Increasing number of Protestants Want Their Church ‘Politically Homogenous’

As voters prepare to cast their ballots for the midterm elections, a recent study says that most Protestants prefer to attend a church where the congregation’s political views align with theirs.

United Methodists Set Liberal New Direction

Leaders of the United Methodist Church, gathered in five locations across the country last week for jurisdictional conferences to elect new bishops to steer America’s second-largest Protestant denomination.

New Study: Huge Income Potential to Charities from Evangelical Prospects

A new study from Grey Matter Research and Infinity Concepts explores monthly partner giving among evangelical Protestants, and projects nearly $2.4 billion annually in dependable income could come from prospective monthly partners.

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