Canadian Supreme Court Refuses to Hear Appeals Over Worship Restrictions on Churches

The Supreme Court of Canada has declined to hear appeals from churches in Ontario and British Columbia that challenged pandemic restrictions on in-person worship. The churches had been fined hundreds of thousands of dollars for violating gathering limits.

New Survey Reveals What Ministry Leaders Think About AI & the Church

Gloo, the leading technology platform dedicated to connecting the faith ecosystem and releasing its collective might, announced initial results of its AI & the Church Survey.

California Voters Support Parental Rights by Overwhelming Margins

In May 2023, Real Impact completed a Rasmussen Poll targeting California voters to uncover the true perspective of parents regarding public school districts’ secretive habits.

Texas Megachurch Starts Own Denomination After Leaving UMC

A large Methodist church outside of Dallas, Texas that left the United Methodist Church (UMC) last year, has decided to start its own denomination.

The State of Church Giving through 2020

Church member giving as a percent of income was down again in 2020, according empty tomb’s new edition, The State of Church Giving through 2020. What’s needed to reverse the trend is summed up in the subtitle: A Theology for an Age of Affluence.

Texas Primed to Put Chaplains in Public Schools

Texas lawmakers passed unprecedented legislation last week that will allow public schools across Texas to hire paid or volunteer chaplains to complement school counselors in providing “support, services, and programs for students.”

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