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Faith News Network is part of the Church of God’s effort to stay on the forefront of effective usage of technology to communicate to our church body.

We’re committed to helping you to experience this web site as fully as possible. This section is designed to help you make sure your computer is equipped to use the industry standard technologies employed by the Faith News Network web site.

Web Pages
This site has been recently redesigned to permit us to bring the news to you more efficiently and dynamically. It’s recommended that you view this site in Internet Explorer (version 6 or greater) or Mozilla Firefox (Version 2 or greater). These browsers are available for free at the above links.

Video / Audio
Faith News features streaming video and audio, a technology that allows our visitors to experience news in a multimedia format, without having to wait for lengthy download times. To view this type of media, you’ll need the latest version of free Windows Media Player, available here. In the future we will be streaming video using macromedia flash technology, and non windows users will have the opportunity to view it.

To display complex formatted documents for printing purposes, sometimes this site employs Adobe Portable Document Format (PDF), which is read by Adobe Acrobat Reader, a free program available on the Adobe web site.

January 27, 2009

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