‘Mindfulness Meditation’ Replacing Prayer on Teams, at Schools

Freedom From Religion and other atheist groups try to eliminate prayer from all facets of society, including on teams and at schools. At the same time, teams and schools promote mindfulness meditation.

Congresswoman Fights for Healthcare workers With a Conscience

What happens when a health care provider must choose between her conscience and her job?

That’s the decision an Illinois nurse says she was forced to make three years ago.

International Religious Freedom Issues Can Transcend Partisan Divide in Congress

International religious freedom issues are growing in urgency and importance worldwide. It is against this backdrop that today 21Wilberforce released the 115th Congress Interim International Religious Freedom Congressional Scorecard. The intent of the Scorecard is to increase congressional awareness of international religious freedom issues, to encourage legislators to take bold action in support of this cause, and to publicly recognize the work of religious freedom champions in Congress.

Texas City Council Censures Colleague Over Anti-Islam Post

PLANO, Tex. — The city council of heavily Republican Plano has voted to censure one of its members for an anti-Islam Facebook post — a post for which he has apologized but over which he refuses to resign.

Celebrating Purity and Respect this Valentine’s Day

The 15th annual Day of Purity is a project led by Liberty Counsel on Valentine’s Day to promote purity and respect. It encourages and celebrates young people who choose to save sexual intimacy for marriage.

Cleveland School Fighting for Pre-Game Prayer

Cleveland, TN–Atheists are taking on a Tennessee school district over pre-football prayer practices that they say violate the U.S. Constitution. But students responded in a big way, organizing a prayer event aimed at sending a powerful message about the power of invoking God.

Hostile Campuses Inspire New Scholarship

“The idea that college campuses are tolerant or open to all ideas is laughable. The hostility shown to students who are pro-life is at an all-time high,” said 40 Days for Life President/CEO Shawn Carney.

Evangelical Clergy Condemn Trump’s Use of Derogatory Terms

The ministers state the President’s thoughts and comments on emerging countries don’t reflect the views of the American Christian community or the teachings of the Bible which stress loving and caring for our neighbors.

New Movement Challenges Men: It’s Time to RISE

As male secular icons are falling almost daily, a group of Catholic men are issuing a 30-day challenge to all men to rise up and embrace an authentic masculinity. RISE: A 30-Day Challenge is co-authored by Chris Stefanick, host of EWTN’s “Real Life Catholic,” and Bill Donaghy, a curriculum specialist at the Theology of the Body Institute.

Controversial Faith-Based Film Tops List of Most-Anticipated 2018 Indies

Oscar-considered filmmaker Richard Rossi’s feature ‘Canaan Land,’ tops a list of most-anticipated independent films of 2018 that includes a documentary about Robin Williams, a retelling of Hamlet by Claire McCarthy, and the latest films from Spike Lee and Lars Von Trier.

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