Sheriff Intimidates Pastors to Cancel Event

“This is reckless.” This is how Ford County Kansas Sheriff Bill Carr described plans to hold a worship gathering for families on March 28 to come together for healing and support in the face of a major suicide epidemic in Dodge City, Kansas.

Court Ruling Could Banish Memorial Crosses From Arlington Cemetery

There is a very real possibility that war memorial crosses at Arlington National Cemetery could be in jeopardy, a federal judge warned in a chilling dissent to a court case involving the fate of a 90-year-old monument honoring soldiers in Bladensburg, Maryland.

Pence Fires Back at ‘View’: Faith Is Not a Mental Illness

Vice President Mike Pence hit back Wednesday at comments made on ABC’s The View comparing his hearing from Jesus Christ to mental illness.

‘The View’ Characterizes Pence’s Christianity as ‘Dangerous’

Tuesday, February 13 on ‘The View,’ the liberal hosts displayed a sudden respect for fired White House staffer Omarosa Manigault, after the controversial figure took her fame to reality television to spread malicious gossip about the Trump White House. With the exception of Meghan McCain, the hosts touted Omarosa’s supposed “leaks” about Vice President Mike Pence’s “scary” Christianity on CBS’s Celebrity Big Brother this week, as gospel-truth.

14 Chinese Christians Vanish into Police Custody

WENZHOU, Zhejiang, China — 14 Christian house church leaders vanished in China’s coastal Zhejiang province on Jan. 13, the latest in a saga of China’s serial persecution of religion.

Bomb Destroys Persecuted Church

An explosion rang through the air early yesterday as authorities bombed and demolished a serially persecuted church in China’s northern Shanxi province.

Supreme Court Declines Mississippi Religious Freedom Challenge

The Supreme Court declined yesterday to hear two cases challenging the constitutionality of a Mississippi law that allows religious organizations to refuse to hire persons or provide services to LGBT people in situations that conflict with their sincerely held religious beliefs.

Eleven Die in Attack on Egyptian Church

Egypt’s public prosecutor has filed murder charges against a man accused of killing 11 people in an attack on a Coptic church and a Christian-owned shop in a Cairo suburb last week, judicial sources said.

ACLJ Takes Down Landlord Who Persecuted Woman for Bible Verse

Imagine you live in an apartment complex. You are surrounded by tenants who have door decorations displayed for the holidays, and you have chosen to display a Bible verse on your front door.

Christian Radio Station Takes on Illegal Radio Pirates, and Wins

When The Bridge Christian Radio Network, based in Old Bridge, NJ, gained authorization to expand its Christian Bible teaching broadcasts into New York City in November 2013, no one could have anticipated the battle that would ensue before the station could actually begin broadcasting on its own frequency, 95.1FM in the heart of Manhattan.

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