Bakker Attorneys Seek to Dismiss Lawsuit, Cite Religious Freedom

Lawyers for TV pastor Jim Bakker filed court papers Monday stating Bakker’s religious freedoms have been violated and urging a judge to dismiss a lawsuit against the well-known minister and his ministry.

FRC Report: Coronavirus Reveals World’s Worst Religious Freedom Violators

Family Research Council religious freedom experts reacted to today’s release of the 2020 Annual Report from the U.S. Commission for International Religious Freedom, which documents the worst religious freedom violators worldwide and makes recommendations to the administration regarding what should be done about them.

Activist Refuses to Give Up Quest to Destroy Christian Baker

Christian baker Jack Phillips endured years of legal battles and finally won his First Amendment case against the Colorado Civil Rights Commission in the US Supreme Court back in 2018. One would have thought after all that his legal troubles were over.

Graham Issues Bold Response to Critics of Samaritan’s Purse in NYC

On April 1, Samaritan’s Purse — the humanitarian arm of the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association — descended on New York City to set up an emergency field hospital, where they have served at least 130 patients stricken with COVID-19. Despite the organization’s good work in Central Park, a handful of loud critics have bemoaned the group’s Christian principles, with one New York-based commentator penning an article about the outfit’s “history of bigotry.”

Persecuted Christians at Higher Risk as Coronavirus Halts Daily Life Worldwide

Living conditions for Christians and other religious minorities worldwide are rapidly worsening due to the Coronavirus outbreak, says Open Doors USA, an organization working with persecuted Christians in more than 60 countries.

Please Pray for India’s Suffering Christians

India welcomed President Trump in style this week, complete with traditional dancers, floral garlands, a tour of the famed Taj Mahal and a formal state dinner at the presidential palace in New Delhi.

Pray for India’s Suffering Christians

India welcomed President Trump in style this week, complete with traditional dancers, floral garlands, a tour of the famed Taj Mahal and a formal state dinner at the presidential palace in New Delhi. But the biggest moment was a huge afternoon rally on Feb. 24 at the world’s largest cricket stadium in the city of Ahmedabad. The crowd of 110,000 cheering supporters was the largest live audience of Trump’s career so far.

A Tough Reality for Girls in Kenya

Oasis of Hope Children’s Home, a partner home of Serving Orphans Worldwide recently welcomed 29 girls from Samburu County in Kenya. Among the 29 girls is Naomi, who is 16 years old. She arrived to the campus with her five year old daughter, Nasarian in her arms. Her story, though not uncommon, sheds light on a tough reality that many young girls in Kenya will continue to face if something does not change.

‘Persecuted Even After Death’: Chinese Authorities Have Started Banning Christian Funerals

In their latest tactic aimed at oppressing people of faith, Chinese authorities have now started banning Christian funerals.

According to a report in Bitter Winter, communist officials have even been arresting family members and halting proceedings mid-service if they deem the ceremony to be too religious in nature. The action is part of China’s wider policy to sinicize the Christian faith and ensure the country’s religious culture is aligned with the political ideals of President Xi Jinping.

“The situation is quite adverse, and some believers don’t even dare to accompany the deceased to the graveyard,” an elder of a government-sanctioned Three-Self church explained to Bitter Winter.

The restrictions are also being enshrined in law. For example, in one city in the province of Henan, an ordinance has been passed that prohibits “visiting groups, choirs, orchestras, and other groups” from performing anywhere other than a church.

“The government prohibits religious funerals, and doesn’t allow church choirs or orchestras to perform during them,” the church elder added. “Pastors can only sneak into believers’ homes for a hurried prayer.”

In another Henan town, a law was passed that prevents ministers from “using religion to intervene in citizens’ weddings and funerals or other activities in their lives.”

There was even an instance of police officers halting the funeral of a local preacher because they deemed that the service was proliferating “religious propaganda.”

The family of one Christian man said they were outraged when government officials instructed that they must hold a secular funeral, even though he was a faithful follower of Jesus for years.

“When my father died, village officials threatened to arrest us if we didn’t conduct a secular funeral. We did not dare to go against them,” the villager explained. “My father had been a believer for several decades. He is persecuted even after death.”

Open Doors USA estimates that there are roughly 100 million Christians currently residing in China. Despite it being one of the harshest environments on earth in which to live as a believer, the underground church continues to explode in numbers.

(Source: FaithWire)

Watch List Reveals Surge of Christian Persecution in China

Open Doors has announced the 2020 World Watch List at a press conference in Washington, D.C, and revealed that Christians living in China are experiencing unprecedented levels of persecution, and their quality of life is deteriorating at an alarming rate. China jumped four spots, from #27 in 2019 to #23 in 2020, on the annual list which ranks the top 50 most dangerous countries for Christians.

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