New Book Reimagines Holistic Pro-Life Care

At first glance, pro-life and pro-choice ideologies appear staunchly opposed to each other. But what if life and choice didn’t have to be in opposition to one another? What if a woman’s life, and the life of the unplanned unborn, could both thrive simultaneously? Save the Storks, a pro-life nonprofit existing to support pregnancy centers nationally, is working to change the narrative around unplanned pregnancies and to depoliticize the topic of abortion.

‘Get to Know Jesus’ with Newly Published Christian Children’s Book

B. Amber Curzie, a Religious Education teacher of 16 years, mother to five children and golden retriever, wife and Catechism student, released her debut book, “Mighty Meana Mullin You Are Loved” to help children get to know and better love Jesus Christ.

Group Claims, ‘Retirement Isn’t Your Final Destination, Getting into Heaven Is’

That’s the foundational truth that retirement pioneer and best-selling author Robert Laura wants to convey in his new “Retirement Devotional.”

Christian Parenting Network has a Podcast for Every Parent

With over two million downloads in less than one year since its creation, the Christian Parenting Podcast Network, a leading online resource for parents from, offers a podcast for every parent.

Author Releases ‘The Eleventh Commandment’

Midwest author Kenneth Wayne Hancock said that Christ added one more Commandment that has been hiding in plain sight for centuries. “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you,” (John 13:34).

‘Envision Bible’ Allows for Greater Worldwide Access to the Bible

MegaVoice, the organization that pioneered solar-powered audio Bibles, recently released the Envision Bible, a tablet designed specifically for visual learners, the deaf, and the hearing impaired so they can experience the content of the Bible. The high quality touchscreen tablet offers both security and accessibility, along with an intuitive, icon-based, easy-to-navigate user interface.

Author Releases New Book ‘The Eleventh Commandment’

Southwest Missouri author Kenneth Wayne Hancock said that Christ gave us the Eleventh Commandment, even though it has been hiding in plain sight for centuries. “A new commandment I give unto you, that you love one another as I have loved you,” (John 13:34).

‘Finding God in the Everyday’ Reveals How to Slow Down and Listen to the Lord

In her new book “Whisper: Finding God in the Everyday,” Danielle Bean guides readers on how to seek and find God’s voice, even in the busiest times of daily life. Offers Online Bible Study

Television personality and The New York Times bestselling author, Kathie Lee Gifford, joins with messianic Rabbi Jason Sobel in teaching unexpected Bible lessons on location in Israel by video using the rabbinical way of stitching together Scripture’s often overlooked deep symbolism and tradition.

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