Taking God to Work in Hurricane Florence Cleanup

Clean-up from Hurricane Florence is the perfect opportunity for Christians to demonstrate their faith in action. Authors of the new book, Taking God to Work: The Keys to Ultimate Success, suggest everyone involved in the recovery effort is executing God’s plan for work.

Based on a True Story, ‘The Kingdom Child’ Released

A true story of what happens during a coma and how God’s plans are always best, even when we don’t agree.

‘RISE: In Defense of Judeo-Christian Values and Freedom’

Brigitte Gabriel’s most groundbreaking work yet opens readers’ eyes to imminent threats to America and reveals plots to destroy freedom, national security and Americans’ very way of life.

Innovo Publishing Releases Lessons for Servant Leadership

Innovo Publishing LLC released a new leadership book, Engaging Your Team: Lessons for Servant Leadership written by David Zanca. In a world of polarization, incivility, and questionable leadership values, David Zanca offers a model of leadership based on proven servant leader principles drawn from historical figures, current events, the Bible, and both personal and professional experiences as a consultant and corporate executive.

Book Reveals Trinity’s So-called Mystery

Church leaders have forever looked upon the Trinity as an everlasting mystery. However, those convictions are proven false in T.R. Bosse’s recently published book, The Mystery of the Trinity Revealed (Dove & Word Publishing). The book unravels details about how God became a man named Jesus and why the Trinity remained a mystery all those years. It also shows why it could never become completely understood until today’s advanced technology came about. The book showcases the Trinity as fully comprehensible to the extent that it answers every question ever asked about the topic.

New Release Gets Back to ‘The Heart of Worship’

While churches have participated in congregational singing ever since the days after the Reformation, some say worship is turning into mere performance and a spectator event. In a new release, Worship Revealed: Never-Ending Reverence of Christ (Redemption Press), Tony Rinella agrees. Rinella, who has spent years on worship teams and as a worship leader says, “True worship is the humbling of self and the raising up of God—it is not a band of musicians staging a lavish show.” He adds, “We are created for God’s pleasure and are to glorify the Lord every day. Proper worship is an important part of our spiritual and personal relationship of love, thanks, and intimacy with God.”

New Book: Open With Your Broken, Accepting God’s Redemption

Can God forgive you after all of the mistakes you have made? Is redemption even possible when you find yourself so far from where you should be? In Open With Your Broken ($14.99, paperback, ISBN 978-1-946466-46-4), Dana Goodrum shares her own personal faith crises, one flooded with shame, guilt, and regret. But what Goodrum came to learn about redemption would usher her into a new journey and a purpose she could have never imagined.

New Book Helps Parents Talk to Children About Cancer

We live in a time where there’s a lot for our young kids to be afraid of. How do we explain to our children the things in life that are difficult for adults to comprehend like cancer or even losing a pet?

Abuse and Cancer Survivor Turns Misery into Ministry

Debbie Roth suffered abuse, neglect, rape, and betrayal at the hands of people she trusted. Drenched in pain and anger, she hid her misery for years, refusing to acknowledge its existence. When a fresh storm raged through her life, the dam holding back the pain of her past broke open.

Three Ways to Protect Your Pastor, Church From a Willow Creek-Type Scandal

Amid new sexual misconduct allegations against founding pastor Bill Hybels, Willow Creek Community Church is facing a reckoning at all levels of leadership. The shameful situation at the iconic church should inspire Christian communities everywhere to take seriously how power corrupts, and guard more vigorously against its abuse.

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