Sharefaith Launches Migration Program for Church Websites

Sharefaith, one of the leading church websites providers, introduces a program for churches to improve their website by completely moving old information to the new platform. This process known as website migration is a notoriously difficult and time-consuming process. Sharefaith completes the service free of charge for new customers who purchase Sharefaith’s Complete Yearly plan.

For many churches, summer is often a season for setting budgets and forming plans for the remainder of the year. It is also an ideal time for churches to evaluate their online resources, investing the time and attention necessary to provide the greatest level of outreach and capability. In keeping with this trend, Sharefaith’s migration service is just in time for churches to completely revamp their websites.

Many houses of faith are still grappling with outdated websites. Often, the process of maintaining a website is both time-consuming, resource-intensive and costly, so the website might get stale. With hosting requirements, content management system complexities, different mobile providers, and a medley of add-on web services, the church’s entire digital presence can become disjointed and frustrating. Compounding the situation is the fact that most churches cannot afford to hire technical support for the maintenance and upkeep.

This is precisely why Sharefaith has created their unified and seamless website service for churches. The new migration service is yet one more perk for the already valuable web service offering.

Sharefaith’s website migration service involves moving documents, images and video, files, and other data from one website management service (or CMS) to a brand new Sharefaith website. The process may include a change of website address, new functionality, and general improvements in the look and feel of the website. Sharefaith’s Sidekick editor is one the best in the business, giving churches unparalleled power and flexibility with their content and websites.

Aiding in the process are Sharefaith’s own team of graphic designers, web developers, and technicians. Since the migration process is manual, there’s no single click of a button that will do all the work. Every website is different. This extra level of customization, involvement and care makes the service highly valuable, especially for churches who may lack in-house technical expertise.

There’s more to Sharefaith’s service than simply a complimentary migration. Although the migration is worth the cost, churches receive full access to Sharefaith’s powerhouse of church resources. Sharefaith’s websites are recognized industry wide for providing all the bells and whistles, without the steep add-on price of other website providers. Sharefaith websites are completely outfitted with responsive design, a mobile church app, award-winning editor, blog, streaming, online giving, and other features.

In addition to the full-orbed value of the websites, Sharefaith also opens access to the church resource portal — more than 60,000 graphics, worship loops, sermon videos, PowerPoint templates, worship presentation software, a full years worth of Sunday School resources, and premier customer service. Sharefaith is ideal for any church, regardless of its size or technical capabilities.

For nearly a decade, Sharefaith has been at the forefront of providing resources to churches. With the growing support of thousands of churches, Sharefaith has pushed itself to provide the best church tools at the most affordable prices.

Please visit Sharefaith’s website page for complete information on church websites:

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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