What the Bible says about Deterrents, Defense

“Churches are places of safety. Is this true? Not during this era of Islamist terrorism and the recent AME Church shooting in South Carolina. We should not forget but we do – things ‘normalize’ then it happens again and again. The ‘no guns allowed’ signs placed in secular institution windows is laughably un-enforceable – unless gunmen are lulled into pacifism by large black text,” stated Rick Dack of Defending the Bible International (www.defendingthebible.com). What does the Bible say about deterrents, defense and the Hebrew genocide myth (Exodus) used by some to reject faith?

• Abraham and 318 trained men rescued Lot and others from capture (Genesis14).

• Moses defended the Hebrew beaten by the Egyptian who was killed (Exodus 2) – circumstantial death not premeditated.

• God defended and rescued the Hebrews via the plagues (Exodus 7-12).

• Midianite/other nation defeats by the Hebrews (reasons: immorality, idolatry, human sacrifice with fire, deception, attacks) See Numbers, Deuteronomy, Judges etc;.

• The focus of destruction was on the Canaanites, not other city-states in the land. The Israelites, upon entering the land, were forbidden to attack: the Moabites (Deut. 2:9), the Ammonites (Deut. 2:19), and the descendents of Esau (Deut. 2:4-6). They were also required to make a peace offering to cities in Canaan (Deut. 20:10-16). The actions of the Israelites were not characterized by naked aggression for the purpose of conquest and so-called genocidal extermination….

• Nehemiah 4:13-23 says that people were stationed “by families” around the city. They were armed, with “their swords, their spears, and their bows.” This is a situation where they are willing to apply lethal force to defend themselves while rebuilding Jerusalem’s wall (www.biblicalselfdefense.com).

• A Roman commander demanded to know why a riot had broken out. Paul asked the commander, “Is it legal for you to whip a Roman citizen who hasn’t even been tried?” Paul defended himself by claiming he was a Roman by birth (Acts 23). A public record (libelli) was available for officials to examine Paul’s claim of citizenship thus fair treatment.
What should Churches do?
• Contact your local police department for a building security evaluation.

• Appoint congregation members to take firearm courses (a presence at “all” Church events at various building locations is advised).
For information about “The Biographies of the Bible” classes including information on this issue and others (within a scriptural context) see www.defendingthebible.com.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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