Pastor Cracks Bible’s Secret Numeric Code, Revealing God’s Fingerprint on Creation

The Bible is by far the most powerful and life-changing book on earth. It has answers for every problem you face. It contains adventure-filled stories that have fascinated generations over the years.

New Book Aims to Stir Christian Seniors to ‘Live With Eternal Purpose’

A radical new book out today aims to shake up America’s laid -back retirement culture and launch a new wave of missions-driven seniors into God’s service.

Five Ways to Make it to the Other Side of Grief

Author of “Mercy Triumphs Over Judgment,” Gerri Edwards, has identified five integral steps to not only making it to the other side of great loss and grief but to come out praising God. As a serial survivor, she has overcome seemingly insurmountable odds and emerged as a vibrant voice in Christian culture.

Perfectly Human: A New Understanding of Beauty, Worth, and the Gift of Life

When Sarah Williams learns that the baby she is carrying will likely not survive birth, her world crashes down around her. Amidst the voices of well-meaning onlookers offering to pray for healing, the bittersweet companionship of a pregnant best friend, medical staff who question her decision, and the loving support of friends who respect it, Williams and her family learn to celebrate life while preparing for the birth and subsequent death of their youngest daughter, diagnosed with a lethal skeletal deformity.

Arm Yourself With These Scriptural Truths to Overcome Life’s Biggest Challenges

Are you armed with these prophetic promises? Genuine intimacy begins and ends with these four short words: “I Live 4 U.”

Coloring Your Way to Stress Relief and Spiritual Growth

Recent studies have already confirmed the stress-relieving benefits provided by adult coloring books, and one new release is taking those benefits a step further.

Hope for Those Struggling this Christmas

“Christmas blues” affect many around the holidays, exposing the pain from previous tragedies or simply feelings of loneliness or desolation that seem to take over life’s experience. In her new book Stars at Night, psychotherapist Paula D’Arcy says those feelings won’t have the last word, that hope and happiness are achievable, if only the small glimmers of light can be recognized.

‘Facing Darkness’ Pits Faith Against Fear

FACING DARKNESS—a new documentary from Samaritan’s Purse and Executive Producer Franklin Graham—brings to vivid life the true story of two American aid workers in West Africa stricken with the deadly Ebola virus and the race against time to get them home and get them treated.

Devotional for Hope and Healing Released

Alisa Massey, LLC’s ( new release Finding Hope in a Turbulent World: A Ninety-Day Devotional by Alisa Massey demonstrates that we can have faith that, in the end, no matter what troubles assail us today, we have hope for better things to come.