Gun Control Is Not Enough: We Need God’s Protection

Parents barely had time to grieve for the 17 victims of the horrific Valentine’s Day school shooting in Parkland, Florida, when there was another outbreak of campus violence this week. This time it was at Great Mills High School in southern Maryland, where a 17-year-old student shot two students with a handgun before an armed deputy shot him.

Don’t Throw a Tantrum When Hard Times Come

Last week, I boarded a flight for Miami to begin a journey to South America. But our departure time came and went, and flight attendants made numerous announcements apologizing for the delay. Finally, the pilot announced that we had a mechanical problem. He instructed everyone to get off the plane.

What Billy Graham Taught Me About the Lord, Life and Legacy

As I remember and reflect over Dr. Billy Graham’s life and legacy, I see a number of pertinent life lessons we can learn from such a visionary Christian leader.

God Is Radically Changing What Christian Conferences Look Like

I see Christian conferences becoming convergence points for the ekklesia to assemble and do business in the heavenly realm. Convergence zones.

How Billy Graham Avoided Scandal His Entire Life

Evangelist Billy Graham lived 99 years, wrote 30 books, met with 12 sitting American presidents and preached the gospel to millions. But when he is buried this Friday, March 2, in his hometown of Charlotte, North Carolina, he will be remembered not only as a world-changing hero of faith but as a humble preacher whose personal integrity set the gold standard for every minister in this country.

So You Want to be 99 and Blamesless?

Someone great departed earth last week: Billy Graham’s spirit left his frail body and went to heaven.

Honoring Our Forgotten Black Heroes

Film history was made last weekend when Black Panther hit the big screen and broke box-office records. The movie was an instant hit—and not just because African-Americans were excited to finally get their own super hero. The story of T’Challa, the rightful heir to the throne of the mysterious African kingdom of Wakanda, inspires us all to be humble, courageous and wise.

We Don’t Need Anymore ‘Shades of Grey’

Last weekend, the final movie in the revolting Fifty Shades of Grey franchise hit screens. The third and last chapter of this sick soap opera is over. And we are left scratching our heads as we ponder why films that glorify sexual abuse and sadistic bondage are still popular.

Christians Lose Their Faith Because of These Errors in the Church

According to Life magazine, Pentecostal/charismatic Christians outnumber Anglicans, Baptists, Lutherans and Presbyterians combined. In Playing With Holy Fire (April 3, 2018), Michael L. Brown acknowledges how the wildfire spread of the Pentecostal/charismatic movement proves that the Holy Spirit is moving mightily among the people of God.

Honor Your Father and Mother – A Forgotten Commandment

Twenty months ago this week, my 88-year-old father was weeding in his backyard when he slipped off an embankment and fell four feet onto his concrete driveway. My mother found him a few minutes later. He was lying in a pool of blood. He had no idea he had sustained a brain injury that would sap his mobility, speech and most of his memories.

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