Grandmother’s First Book for Young Readers Also Helps Others to Share Legacy of Faith

One gift of getting older is knowing how good God is, after relying on him to carry us through joys and sorrows. Debut author JoAnn Vicknair longed to give that gift to two of her grandchildren so she started telling them stories about what God has done.

New Book Series for Children as They Learn to Read

There are hundreds of early readers available; the most famous were authored by Dr. Seuss. Lee Jenkins’ aim is to add to this collection by authoring books that use patterns to assist children as they read Bible and/or Aesop based stories. Lee Jenkins’ friend, Bill Martin Jr, who wrote Brown, Bear, Brown Bear and 300 other children’s books provided the inspiration and unique process.

Americans Unite Through Prayer Ahead of Election Day

The Presidential Prayer Team, the national, nonpartisan prayer ministry for America and its leaders, announced today that, following a recent in-depth, national study on how Americans pray, The Presidential Prayer Team, is calling America to participate in a 100-minute prayer challenge over the 2020 elections.

Family Friendly Streaming Platform Launches This Week

Frustrated with the current state of movies and television available online for families and conservative viewers, one company in Georgia has decided to do something about it. Saltflix, launching this Friday, September 18, 2020 is a multicultural faith and family friendly streaming platform that will give customers a safe, family friendly alternative for movies and television.

New Book Helps Children Who Struggle with Deceit

How can a parent deal with a child who struggles with lying? How can a counselor help a child who is constantly deceitful? The newly released “Putting Away Falsehood” by Sally Michael helps parents and those who counsel children to influence not just behavior but the heart and will. The book is published by the children’s discipleship ministry Truth78.

This I Know: A Children’s Book About Seeing God in the World He Made

Christian children’s author, Clay Anderson, has written ‘THIS I KNOW: Seeing God in the World He Made,’ a hardcover picture book about seeing the love of God reflected in creation.
THIS I KNOW will release with a companion devotional and podcast.

Deadline Extended for Worldwide Marriage Encounter’s Longest Married Couple Project

Once again the nomination period for the 2020 Longest Married Couple Project, sponsored by Worldwide Marriage Encounter, has been extended until the end of August because of the continued growth of the COVID-19 pandemic across the United States, it was announced today by the co-coordinators of the project.

Creationism Vs. Evolution — Which One is Real Science?

In 2005, a federal court in Harrisburg, PA ruled “creationism is not a science.” The 139-page decision had the effect of removing the teaching of creationism from public schools in the Dover, PA school district. It was one of several cases that would be used to remove the teaching of creationism from all public schools in the USA. As a result, evolution is taught in our public schools as scientific fact.

Five Christian Movies to Watch While You’re at Home This Weekend

We’ve all undoubtedly spent way too much time in front of our TVs since all this shelter-in-place stuff began more than a month ago. The good news, though, is there’s plenty of quality movies to watch.

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