Presidential Prayer Team Launches Campaign in Support of National Day of Prayer

The Presidential Prayer Team, the largest full-time prayer ministry for our nation’s leaders, today announced the launch of a nationwide prayer campaign in support of the National Day of Prayer. This prayer campaign is part of an ongoing mission to encourage Americans to pray for the leadership of The United States of America.

Group Launches ‘My Heart Beats Just Like Yours’ Campaign

Priests for Life today launched a new campaign to highlight the humanity of children in the womb.

Group Calls for ‘Eleventh Hour’ Prayer Amid ‘Tsunami of COVID Suffering’

A major humanitarian agency is calling for “eleventh hour” prayer as India suffers a devastating second wave of COVID-19 — and the world faces a growing number of deadly new variants.

For Millions of Arab Children, Remote Learning Represents Survival

While many American parents see the past year’s remote learning as a source of their children’s depression and academic shortfalls, satellite TV lessons from SAT-7, a unique Christian media ministry, are providing a critical education for millions of students in war-torn nations in the Middle East and North Africa.

‘Bless Your Pastor’ Tour to Address Challenges for Pastors, Churches

As part of the National Association of Evangelicals’ (NAE) Financial Health initiative, Brian Kluth, national spokesperson, will travel to over 100 cities across America on the Bless Your Pastor Tour to encourage greater financial health and generosity of churches and pastors.

Open Doors USA Warns of Escalating Religious Persecution in Africa

Nigeria hosts the highest rate of religiously-motivated violence in the world, and, according to religious freedom watchdog group Open Doors USA, a new caliphate is emerging in the region of Sub-Saharan Africa.

Podcast Reaches 1 Million Downloads, Becoming Top Parent Resource

Parents, grandparents, pastors, pediatricians, educators, and counselors across the world are loving Raising Boys and Girls, which reached 1 million downloads this spring. Releasing weekly each Tuesday, the podcast, which has garnered more than 900 5-star ratings on iTunes, tackles top-of-mind topics in parenting from consistency and patience to connection and freedom.

Ministry Supports Christian Kids Camp in ‘Shadow of Chernobyl’

A U.S.-based mission to the “forgotten children” of the former Soviet Union is aiming to give an “unforgettable summer” to children still suffering from the lingering effects of the Chernobyl nuclear disaster that shook the world 35 years ago on April 26.

Faithlife Launches Integrated Ministry Platform

Faithlife, the church technology company and makers of Logos Bible Software, today released the newest, first-of-its-kind online integrated ministry platform, Faithlife Equip.

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