Operation Compassion Tackles At Risk, Malnourished Children

Hunger continues to plague an estimated one billion people around the world. Thirteen to eighteen million people, mostly children, die from hunger-related causes each year. That’s 35,000 people a day, over 1,000 every hour.

Hunger is a condition of poverty. Living below the poverty line puts tremendous strains on a household budget, adversely affecting the ability to purchase a nutritionally adequate diet. In fact, government surveys show that as income goes down, the nutritional adequacy of the diet goes down as well.

Because of this urgent need, Operation Compassion, an independent benevolent organization with roots in the Church of God, has been fighting a war on hunger. For more than 15 years, Operation Compassion has been shipping life-sustaining food products around the world and in the United States where approximately 20 million children go hungry annually.

El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Guyana are just a few of the countries where Operation Compassion has tackled hunger. Now, Nepal has fallen in the cross-hairs and Operation Compassion is working to assist those going hungry because of the recent earthquake.

During the two-week period of June 1-15, Operation Compassion was offered 1.5 million meals for distribution. At risk, malnourished children, somewhere around the world, will receive the help desperately needed, according to David Lorency, president of Operation Compassion.

“Obviously, Operation Compassion cannot fight hunger alone,” Lorency stated. “It’s a global problem needing a global solution. Will you join Operation Compassion? Please, help us relieve some of the hunger problems of children so desperately in need!”

Online Donations: www.operationcompassion.org. Call your donations to: 423.728.3932 or mail donations to: Operation Compassion,114 Stuart Road, NE Suite 370, Cleveland, TN 37312.

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