Answered Prayers from Hurricane Harvey

The Thursday night Hurricane projections were dire. The eye of Harvey was focused on Corpus Christi. Leaders and residents prepared for the worst. Prayer was the only hope. City officials and pastors united across the area, crying out for God’s mercy and for God to rebuke the storm. Then, in the predawn hours prior to landfall on Friday, Harvey miraculously turned westward. Corpus Christi had minimal damage, no deaths or reported injuries. Prayers had been answered.

MWOA Participant Testifies of God’s Provision in Africa

Honor all men, love the brotherhood, fear God

Months before our trip, Milford Whitaker our team leader, asked us during our praying and fasting to have a scripture that would sum up why we were going on this mission trip.
For me The Holy Spirit gave me my verse very quickly. I just love it when He does that, but then I love everything The Holy Spirit does for me.

I Peter 2:17 Honor all men. Love the brotherhood. Fear God.

Tornado Shreds Church, Spares 45 Praying People

Tornadoes in East Texas tore through homes, offices and churches—but didn’t touch the hallway where 45 people were crying out to God.

From Welfare to Millionaire to Missionary

Jeff Hall’s most recent tax return will show an income well into the millions. Far from the days when he used to starve. Growing up in a poor and dysfunctional family that was on welfare, today he’s participated in over 100 missions projects.

Honor All Men, Love the Brotherhood, Fear God

The following is a testimony received from Peggy Winslow who recently travelled with Men and Women of Action to Africa…

Missionaries Testify Amidst Loss

Like the rest of us, Church of God missionaries must face the loss of a loved one.

Avalanche Survivors Point to Miraculous Angelic Intervention

Survivors of the devastating avalanche in Italy last week are beginning to tell their harrowing stories and recount how they managed to escape the freak natural disaster alive with the help of “angel” rescuers.

Meals Project Raises Funds for Nepal

Westmore Church of God in Cleveland, Tennessee, sponsors a Nepal Evangelism Project, where they visit and train leaders for ministry. Paulette Lewis felt the burden to raise funds for the project and asked God to reveal to her what she could do … the result was a year-long commitment to sell a meal-a-month on the first Friday to those interested.

An Incredible Story of Obedience, Suffering, Peace and Abundance

When Darlene Rose was 10, a missionary came to her church in Ames, Iowa, and gave an altar call to the teens and college-age students, begging them to give their lives to foreign missions. Darlene was sitting on the back row during the altar call and felt a firm hand on her shoulder.

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