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Virtual Evangelism Source Unveiled

Category: Church of God News

The Church of God has always been committed to the Great Commission. However, the recent GO FINISH initiative, which took place in May 2020, was possibly the largest global outreach with an ecumenical partnership in Church of God history.

OneHope, Inc. Hires New VP for North America

Category: Ministries and Organizations

The Executive Team of OneHope is pleased to announce that they have hired Sherry Surratt as the new Vice President for North America.

When God Heals–Hope for Cancer Patients–A True Story

Category: Discipleship & Evangelism

Imagine the news, “You have a rare, stage three aggressive inflammatory breast cancer.” What would your first response be? Her new book, It Was Not My Time, is the story of Anna Mitchell’s response to what should have been life’s most devastating news. It’s a story of a devoted wife of seventeen years and proud mother of two sons who was not going to let those words define her or change her.

One Sunday while worshiping during church service, God gave Anna the most incredible gift; He healed her. He physically entered her body and enveloped her from head to toe. She felt His presence like never before and the peace she experienced is unexplainable. After her healing, a CT scan confirmed what she already knew, the cancer was gone.

Anna knows that God has always had a purpose for her life as He does all of us. She believes she battled for her life to find her true purpose, which is to honor Him in all things. With a new purpose as precious to her as her healing, Anna’s greatest desire is that her message provides hope and brings comfort to others. She wrote her story, believing that it would help you or someone you know get through some of the seemingly darkest days of life. He didn’t take Anna home because it wasn’t her time.

It Was Not My Time by Anna Mitchell, 96 pages, PB, $9.99. ISBN: 978-1-951561-44-4. Published by River Birch Press (2020). Distributed by Ingram and River Birch Press publishes books with a Christian worldview. Its mission is to empower readers for fruitful living.

(SOURCE: The Book Experts via Christian Newswire)

Hill Delivers Message in Response to Events

Category: Church of God News

Cleveland, TN—Church of God General Overseer Timothy M. Hill delivered a message to the church concerning the events that took place in Washington, D.C. on January 6, 2021.

New Release Examines What it Takes to be Truly Born Again

Category: Ministry Resources

Many repeat a sinner’s prayer and think that’s their guarantee to admittance to heaven. Author Denise Wilson says, “We aren’t saved by repeating a prayer. No one ever has been saved, or ever will be saved, apart from the conviction of sin, repentance, and true faith in the person and work of the Lord Jesus Christ.” In a new release, Seven Words You Never Want to Hear: How to Be Sure You Won’t (Redemption Press), Wilson takes a hard look at assumptions people make about becoming a Christian.

Prophetic Words Are Not For Sale

Category: Opinion & Commentary

Years ago, I met a flamboyant preacher from New York. He was very popular, but something about him was really creepy. He claimed to be a prophet, and he was applauded for his uncanny ability to “read people’s mail.” But he strutted arrogantly on the stage, spoke harshly to his staff and spent a lot of time taking up offerings.

Two January Events Rescheduled

Category: Church of God News

A communiqué from the Church of God Executive Committee has announced the shifting of dates of two Church of God events originally scheduled for next week.

‘Legacy 2021’ Missions Conference Set for June

Category: Events and Happenings

Legacy 2021, a conference missions, Muslims, and the heart of God, is coming June 17-19 to Grandville, MI—or, for the first time ever, through online livestream. The conference will draw missionaries, church leaders, and Christians from around the world for a weekend of inspiring, practical training.

Six Ways to Remember Persecuted Christians in 2021

Category: The Persecuted Church

As Christians face rising persecution worldwide, many of us are looking for ways to connect with those who suffer for their faith.

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