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Camp Meeting Season 2021 Will Look Different

Category: Church of God News

As the nation continues to deal with the Covid-19 pandemic, states across the country are emerging at various levels of re-opening. These restrictions have affected the Church of God as states and regions plan for the upcoming camp meeting season.

‘God Bless the USA Bible’ in Pre-Sale

Category: Discipleship & Evangelism

“I’m proud to be an American” are words that still ring, bringing instant association to the song, “God Bless The USA” — the patriotic tribute that’s been called “America’s Second National Anthem.”

Trail Life USA Celebrates Families

Category: Events and Happenings

On May 21, families across the country will gather in their backyards, at their churches, and in parks and campgrounds to participate in the second annual National Backyard Concert and Campout, led by Trail Life USA (

Church of God Pastor, Winner of ‘The Voice,’ To Release Book

Category: Church of God News

NASHVILLE, Tenn.—When Todd Tilghman, pastor of two decades and father of eight from Meridian, Mississippi, auditioned for The Voice, he counted it as a win simply to sing in front of an audience outside of his family and church members. Despite no music or vocal training, he not only made it through the blind audition––with all four celebrity judges vying to coach him––but he also won the show’s entire eighteenth season. Fans were drawn to Todd’s tremendous joy onstage, which gave them much-needed inspiration during the hard challenges of a global pandemic.

Presidential Prayer Team Launches Campaign in Support of National Day of Prayer

Category: Ministries and Organizations

The Presidential Prayer Team, the largest full-time prayer ministry for our nation’s leaders, today announced the launch of a nationwide prayer campaign in support of the National Day of Prayer. This prayer campaign is part of an ongoing mission to encourage Americans to pray for the leadership of The United States of America.

How Progressive Christianity Denies God’s Truth

Category: Opinion & Commentary

Many so-called Christians today have abandoned the teachings of Jesus and the Bible and taken on a belief system that denies the power of the cross and the infallibility of the Word of God. In his new book, Hope for This Present Crisis, Dr. Michael Youssef writes, “Why do they deny 2,000 years of orthodox Christian doctrine and tradition? I believe it’s because many of today’s false teachers want to be accepted and admired by the world. They don’t want to be lumped in with all those ‘rigid,’ ‘narrow-minded,’ ‘intolerant’ evangelical Christians. They want to be admired for their ‘enlightened,’ ‘open-minded,’ ‘inclusive’ approach to religion.

Churches Invited to Sponsor Forward in Faith

Category: Church of God News

Cleveland, TN—While not as prominent in the overall ministry of the Church of God as it once was, Forward in Faith continues to garner consistent listeners, both on the radio airwaves and now as an on-demand digital download.

Gathering for Public Prayer at US Capitol Prohibited on National Day of Prayer

Category: The Persecuted Church

For the first time in 70 years, there will be no public prayer gathering at the US Capitol Building during The National Day of Prayer.

Church Doors Locked After Court Order

Category: The Persecuted Church

This past weekend, those who wanted to attend Trinity Bible Chapel in Kitchener, Ontario, Canada found the church doors locked against them. The closure came following a court order granted to the attorney general to lock the doors for one week after “allegedly breaking COVID-19 restrictions on a repeated basis,” Kitchener Today reports.

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