Doctor Provides ‘Merciful Medicine’

Dr. John Bruchalski wanted to serve women and be the very best doctor he could be, which is why he agreed to perform abortions during his residency. That was the expectation, after all, and if it was what the patient wanted, who was he to dissuade them? After years of learning moral relativism, he didn’t have a problem ending the lives of unborn babies if it was what the patient wanted — until one day it didn’t go as planned. This story opens Dr. Bruchalski’s first book and memoir, TWO PATIENTS: MY CONVERSION FROM ABORTION TO LIFE-AFFIRMING MEDICINE.

“Stop giving me tumors, John. Stop treating these babies like they’re tumors. You’re better than that. You’re a good physician.” These were the words directed at Dr. Bruchalski, who was trying to save a baby in one room and aborting a baby of the same gestational age in the next room at a hospital in Norfolk, Virginia, when his conscience pricked him hard. It was the neonatologist who said those words to Dr. Bruchalski after being called in to care for the aborted baby who ended up being born alive and weighing just over a pound.

TWO PATIENTS is the story of how one physician who practiced abortion came to question the medical status quo and to pioneer an approach to reproductive medicine that respects female fertility, honors the dignity of unborn children and offers care to patients regardless of their financial situation. Such health care, writes Dr. Bruchalski, is merciful medicine, and TWO PATIENTS gives a glimpse of just how merciful the relationship between a doctor and his two patients — mother and child — can be.

“Dr. Bruchalski has written an inspiring story of love and redemption that speaks to the mind and heart, and it should be in every medical school library in America,” said Sue Ellen Browder, author of Subverted: How I Helped the Sexual Revolution Hijack the Women’s Movement. “This book is concrete proof that where faith and science meet, wisdom is born. A must-read for all doctors, nurses and expectant parents.”

(SOURCE: Carmel Communications via Christian Newswire)

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