Pathway Press Launches ‘KidMin Pathway’

Cleveland, TN—-Pathway Press has launched a new ministry and resource designed for children’s ministers.

New Christmas Book on the Real Story of the Christmas Magi

Finally, the true, untold Story of the Wise Men… They were not three kings. Nor were they from the Far East, or even Persia…

Doctor Provides ‘Merciful Medicine’

Dr. John Bruchalski wanted to serve women and be the very best doctor he could be, which is why he agreed to perform abortions during his residency. That was the expectation, after all, and if it was what the patient wanted, who was he to dissuade them? After years of learning moral relativism, he didn’t have a problem ending the lives of unborn babies if it was what the patient wanted — until one day it didn’t go as planned. This story opens Dr. Bruchalski’s first book and memoir, TWO PATIENTS: MY CONVERSION FROM ABORTION TO LIFE-AFFIRMING MEDICINE.