Women’s Ministries Completes Project; Announces New Goal

Church of God Women’s Ministries held a celebration banquet at the recent General Assembly in San Antonio, Texas, where they wrapped up a four-year project and announced plans for the next two years.

At the General Assembly in Orlando in 2018, Women’s Ministries President Paula Hill announced the adoption of the Atlanta-based House of Cherith as the Women With a Mission (WWAM) project for 2018-2020. For more than 21 years, City of Refuge has been bringing light, hope, and transformation to individuals, families, and communities in crisis by providing services such as housing, medical care, parenting, financial classes, and vocational training. In partnership with Church of God Women Ministries, House of Cherith, which is located in the City of Refuge, undertook the task of providing critical housing for mothers and children with the purchase of a home, or homes, that will provide long-term recuperative care for both mother and children, many of whom will have been exploited or exposed to inappropriate sexual behavior. This home was the first of its kind launched by House of Cherith, City of Refuge, and the Church of God, and will provide a model for organizations around the country that work to confront trafficking.

In the 2018-2020 period, Church of God Women’s Ministries groups across the nation
raised $638,867.91 toward the project and a ribbon-cutting was conducted. With the postponement of the General Assembly in 2020 due to the Covid-19 pandemic, rather than adopt a new project, Women’s Ministries continued their support of House of Cherith with the funding of two programs within the House of Cherith.

In explaining Women’s Ministries continuation of the goal, WM President Paula Hill said, “previously, House of Cherith has only been able to serve adult women without children or without children in their care. Separating mothers from their children while the mother receives the care she needs is heartbreaking and detrimental to both mother and child. Very few homes are available in the United States to serve this population, and we felt strongly compelled to address this issue.”

The 2020-2022 project helped to fund Mommy & Me, a program to provide opportunities for women to overcome their trauma alongside their children and to break the generational cycles of abuse, addiction, and pain. Coupled with Mommy and Me was HOC Junior, with the goal to deliver safe and sustainable long-term care to minors that have experienced sexual trafficking, trauma, and exploitation. The purpose is to empower them to successfully reintegrate into society and face their trauma in a healthy manner. The HOC Junior program houses up to 12 youth ages 11-17 years old.

During the General Assembly event, conducted on July 27, 2022 at the Gonzalez Convention Center, Hill was able to announce that Women’s Ministries raised an additional $885,891.15 in the 2020-2022 period for a four-year total of $1,524.759.06.
“Together, we are helping to provide a place of refuge, healing, and restoration for many, many mothers and children,” Hill stated. “With God’s help, we will change the future of generations to come!”

In wrapping up the four-year emphasis with the House of Cherith, Hill announced the timely adoption of the 2022-2024 WWAM project as “Ukraine: The Journey Home.” An introductory video stated that on February 22, 2022, the invasion of Ukraine separated families and displaced thousands of orphans:

“When these children left their homes in the middle of the night, they were filled with all the things that war brings to your heart. They didn’t know if they would even survive, but in spite of the fear, they have learned to trust in God and to hold tenaciously to His hands.”

The Church of God has been instrumental in extracting nine orphanages from Ukraine and placing the orphans in semi-permanent housing. Today, each of the children is anticipating the day when they will be able to return home.

“Home for these orphans is where our journey begins, and home is there the journey must end,” Paula Hill stated. “To these orphans, Ukraine is the starting place of their memories, their hopes and their dreams. Even though now more torn and tattered, these hearts still ache for home, a journey which will be a difficult one.”

Hill stated there are some 100,000 orphans in need in Ukraine.

“While we cannot help all of them, we must do our part,” she stated in her appeal to WWAM chapters across the nation. “With your help, we will rebuild lives, reestablish families, and provide transportation, clothing and food that will sustain these children in their journey home.” All gifts will be used to build and rebuild adequate facilities and housing that will provide safety, protection, education and Christian development for displaced Ukrainian children.

All funds raised for “Ukraine: The Journey Home,” should be designated to Women’s Ministries Ukraine Project, P.O. Box 2430, Cleveland, TN, 37320-2430. Please designate Project #020-8203. An online donation portal is located at cogwomensministries.com.

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