Women’s Ministries Completes Project; Announces New Goal

Church of God Women’s Ministries held a celebration banquet at the recent General Assembly in San Antonio, Texas, where they wrapped up a four-year project and announced plans for the next two years.

Public School Bible Program Experiences ‘Fishes and Loaves’ Growth

When the pandemic threatened to shut the doors of a 19-year-old afterschool Bible program serving grades 3-6 public school children, it took to the airwaves in the tradition of Sesame Street with shows that “reflect the character of Christ.”

National Christian Teacher of the Year

Bob Jones University announced today Adina Leon, a 1998 graduate, was named a National Christian Teacher of the Year by the Herzog Foundation. The foundation recognizes 12 teachers across the nation that embody excellence in Christian education. This inaugural awards program is part of the Herzog Foundation’s mission to advance Christian education on a national scale.