A ‘Message of Hope’ with Teens and Parents Amid COVID-19

“The struggles that teens encounter today leaves marks on their soul nearly permanently, marks of emotional hurt that cannot be erased. With time the hurt begins to decrease, but it’s still there lingering in the back of the person’s mind. How do we heal this pain of the teens throughout the world, is the real question, that answer I don’t know? However, the pain has been sent to make us stronger, and to Love one another better! — Anonymous TeenTyme Essay Winner

In today’s world there are still many forms of bullying occurring in the middle of a worldwide, COVID-19, pandemic and isolation. Stacey Spencer, Keynote Speaker, National Youth Specialist and motivator is available to share a “Message of Hope” with some simple reminders for parents and teens, in order to get through these tough times without a lot of emotional trauma and keeping our teens safe.

In an interview Stacey can expound upon the following:
Part I: The 5 major forms of bullying with examples: cyber-bullying, physical taunting, verbal abuse, emotional, and psychological

Part II: A major form of bullying is cyber-bullying. “Sexting” potential lure of bullying after you POST!
Three things to consider before pressing “SEND”

A) Privacy: Do not assume anything you send or post is going to stay private. Cyberspace has millions & millions of clients and predators.

B) Peer Pressure: Do not give into peer pressure to belong to an infinite community of predators & traffickers… nothing in cyberspace is sacred!

C) Recipients Reaction: Consider your recipients reactions. Everyone is NOT sexting,
and some folks may find this behavior truly offensive…
The Legal Heat:
1. Sexting is considered a major contributor to child pornography.

2. Federal law prohibits the exploitation of a minor through recording, photographing, filming, developing or even distributing material that contains a visual representation depicting a minor involved in sexual activity. Felonies are endless for such a heinous act.
To view Stacey’s work please visit: https://www.wlky.com/article/signs-your-teen-is-struggling-with-depression/25661344

(SOURCE: Stacey Spencer Consulting, LLC via Christian Newswire)

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