PPP Forgiveness Underway With New Rules for Loans Less Than $50,000

Many Church of God congregations across the nation took advantage of the Paycheck Protection Program (PPP) program during the COVID-19 pandemic. After substantial delays, lenders across the country are now accepting forgiveness applications for these loans obtained through the CARES Act.

SCOTUS Nominee: ‘I Believe in the Power of Prayer’

In her opening statement during Monday morning’s hearing over her nomination to the Supreme Court, Chicago Judge Amy Coney Barrett told lawmakers she believes “in the power of prayer.”

A ‘Message of Hope’ with Teens and Parents Amid COVID-19

“The struggles that teens encounter today leaves marks on their soul nearly permanently, marks of emotional hurt that cannot be erased. With time the hurt begins to decrease, but it’s still there lingering in the back of the person’s mind. How do we heal this pain of the teens throughout the world, is the real question, that answer I don’t know? However, the pain has been sent to make us stronger, and to Love one another better! — Anonymous TeenTyme Essay Winner