Church of God Prayer Leader Announces Prayer Events

Church of God Prayer Leader, P. Douglas Small, will be among the national leaders in a unique on-line 50-day-fight for spiritual renewal in the nation. A variety of virtual prayer engagement opportunities are planned from September through October.

Small will lead the daily prayer segment this coming Tuesday, September 15, at 11 AM EST.

Participants can connect through the webpage or catch the session on Facebook. ProjectPray will recast the episode.

Other prayer leaders include Daniel Bernard, the coordinator, who directs Somebody Cares, Tampa Bay, along with Somebody Cares national director, Doug Stringer. Stringer led a series of state-wide prayer rallies called “The Response” in the Texas, Louisiana, the Carolinas and other states with governors. Terry Teykl, well known prayer leader and author, along with Harry Jackson, David Barton, Jim Daily, Cynthia Scott (BGEA).

The call to prayer is non-partisan and multi-ethnic.

In addition, on September 26, thousands are expected to gather at the Washington, DC Mall for a national call to Solemn Assembly.

Well-known author Jonathan Cahn and Pastor Keven Jessip are co-leaders for the event. A plethora of nationally known speakers will prayer – Michelle Bachman, Nicky Cruz. Pat Boone, Pierre Bynum, Stephen Strang, Pat Robertson, Alveda King, Jerry Boykin, and dozens more

P. Douglas Small, Church of God Prayer Leader is among the speakers at the event, and has served as an advisor on Solemn Assembly principles.

On Friday Evening, September 25, from 6-9 PM, there will be a NextGen gathering. Then, on Saturday, from 9 AM until 5 PM, the main event will occur with a Celebration from 6-9 PM. The event is free, but it does require registration.

For more information on the live event and virtual participation go to

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