Mendoza Sets New World Record

Mario Mendoza, Jr., a Church of God minister who is executive director of Youth for Christ in central Oregon, set a new world record for running a 50K marathon on a treadmill at the Madras High School in Oregon. In 2:59:03 record time, Mario beat the old record by 46 seconds.


Mendoza chose to break the record at Madras High because of the school’s diversity. Part of his goal was to promote fitness and inspire students at the school.
“I want the students here to use the gifts they have, and to believe that big things can happen — for them and for Madras,” he said.
About the run, Mendoza remarked, “You have to get comfortable with that type of hurt and pain. You have to make it your friend, and I think today, we accomplished that.!” As he finished, he exclaimed, “Once you finish, you’re done!”

A large crowd watched the ultra-runner as he kept a 5:45 minute pace throughout the 50K run and enthusiastically cheered him, as he set the new record.

Mendoza’s feat was covered by local TV stations, as well as CNN.

Mendoza, who has worked diligently with the youth in the area for over a year, desired to set an example to the youth of what a person can do, particularly to demonstrate what people can do with their talents, to inspire others to achieve their potential, and to glorify God through these actions.

In the Madras area, the students where Mendoza ministers is one-third Native American, one-third Hispanic, and one-third white. Throughout his ministry time with the students, he has created bridges with the students, showing the testimony of the gospel to bring people together.

Setting the new world record is one of many achievements Mendoza has accomplished, including the USATF National Trail Runner four times, the USATF National Running Champion five times, and he was a member of the United States team that competed in the world championship ultramarathon in Argentina last fall.

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