Mendoza Sets New World Record

Mario Mendoza, Jr., a Church of God minister who is executive director of Youth for Christ in central Oregon, set a new world record for running a 50K marathon on a treadmill at the Madras High School in Oregon. In 2:59:03 record time, Mario beat the old record by 46 seconds.

Islands of Hope: Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace Focuses on Pacific Region

“The Pacific Conference of Churches welcomes you on board our ecumenical canoe, as we sail and voyage together beyond the fringing reefs and rocks of the many issues that affect us here in the Pacific and globally, and set sail with our eyes firmly fixed on the island of hope,” said Rev. Dr James Baghwan, Pacific Conference of Churches general secretary as he welcomed participants of the World Council of Churches (WCC) Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace to Fiji, on 20 January.

Score One for Public School Kids

People of faith are celebrating this week, and none more than the teachers of nearly 5,000 Good News Clubs in the nation’s public schools. On National Religious Freedom Day, January 16, President Trump signed new guidance rules to protect, among other things, freedom of prayer in public schools. He was surrounded by students who have suffered discrimination and even persecution.