Local Church Discipleship Planner Released for 2019-2020

Church of God Adult Discipleship has released a discipleship planner for the 2019-2020 year. The curriculum is beneficial for pastors, administrative bishops, youth and discipleship directors, LifeBuilders coordinators, women’s discipleship leaders, Sunday school directors, teachers and small group leaders.

“Now is the time to plan, prepare, and purchase resources as you are about to begin your 2019-2020 ministry year,” said Dr. Wayne Brewer, director of Church of God Men’s Discipleship. “Church of God Adult Discipleship has done much of the work and planning for you. Adult Discipleship is offering a 2019-2020 Local Church Discipleship Planner ready for download and use in a local congregation. When you purchase these discipleship materials for Wednesday night classes, Sunday study, small groups, new believers’ class, women’s groups, men’s ministry, etc., church leaders are purchasing premium, Pentecostal, practical discipleship material–written in everyday language to be relational, assimilative and transformational.”

Brewer went on to quote testimonials from recent users including “Second to none,” “Simple, profound, bite-size,” “I Love the format,” “We’re ready to order the third volume, A Sanctified People in the series,” “When we started Living What We Believe we thought we would have six people but we are already up around twenty people,” “It’s brilliant,” “More and more people are signing up,” “The pastor is involved-he teaches then we break up into small groups,” “We’re really excited. We got a great response.”

To learn more about Adult Discipleship resources, including materials catered to men and women, generations such as Millennials and Baby Boomers, visit www.adultdiscipleshipcog.com or call 888-766-9009.

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