Local Church Discipleship Planner Released for 2019-2020

Church of God Adult Discipleship has released a discipleship planner for the 2019-2020 year. The curriculum is beneficial for pastors, administrative bishops, youth and discipleship directors, LifeBuilders coordinators, women’s discipleship leaders, Sunday school directors, teachers and small group leaders.

Four Companies that Have Hidden Bible Verses on Their Products

There are a number of popular Christian companies that are known for embracing and living out biblical values. From fast-food joint Chick-fil-A to craft store Hobby Lobby, these Christian businesses are on the forefront of not only providing stellar services but also fully living out the gospel message.
But did you know there are also some Christian businesses that go a step further and actually post Bible verses and Christian references on their products? Some of these “hidden” placements might surprise you, but the messages are sure to inspire.

New Book Seeks to Help Readers Following Betrayal of Marital Infidelity

When Stephanie Broersma’s husband admitted to a ten-year addiction to pornography and multiple extramarital affairs, she had a decision to make. Crushed, humiliated, hurt, and angry, she could have kicked him to the curb faster than he could say he was sorry. But something inside her wouldn’t let go of the man she loved. Something inside whispered peace and forgiveness and convinced her to give their marriage another chance. That something was the voice of the Holy Spirit, who provided the strength and courage Stephanie would need for the long days ahead.