STEP Program Sparks Missionary Call

Vance McCollum has spent his ministry as a missionary evangelist with the Church of God. He recently shared his testimony of call to missions and some of the incredible experiences he has had on the field, which began after a summer STEP (Summer Training Evangelism Partners) missions trip.

Church of God World Missions (COGWM): What is your background before missions?
Vance: Before my involvement in missions I served as a pastor of a Church of God congregation in Alabama.

COGWM: How did you become involved in missions?
Vance: I actually became involved in missions early in my ministry. In 1981 I went on my first missions trip to Asia via the STEP program that the Church of God initiated the year before. That trip made a profound impact on my life and I knew at that time that missions would be in my future.

COGWM: Tell us about your ministry.
Vance: My family and I served as full-time missionaries to Honduras from August 2016 to November 2018, at which time we returned to the states and my status changed to missionary evangelist. Serving in this capacity allows for broader outreach. My desire is to launch cooperative outreaches among unreached people groups throughout the 10/40 window.

COGWM: Tell us a favorite story or two of something that has happened in your ministry.
Vance: After my first visit to Honduras in 1995 the Lord spoke to me profoundly, instructing me to begin a tent crusade ministry there. He said He would use the tent like a net cast into the sea and would catch fish of every kind. Not knowing anything about such endeavors, I began researching the possibility and found out it was quite beyond my ability to do. Yet the word of the Lord would not leave me. To make a long story short, the Lord gave me a 40 by 100 foot tent and provided the shipping cost to Honduras. From the very first time, and every time there after, it began to catch souls for the kingdom. God proved Himself faithful to His promise.

COGWM: What are some of the greatest needs where you serve?
Vance: I would have to say that the primary need for most people is simply hope—hope for a better tomorrow, hope that their children will have adequate food, hope for basic necessities to make life better. The Message Bible says, “Unrelenting disappointment (hope delayed) leaves you heartsick, but a sudden good break can turn life around,” Proverbs 13:12.

COGWM: Is there anything else you want people to know about you or your ministry?
Vance: Our current vision is to build bridges of hope between those who are struggling with unrelenting disappointment and the One who can make all things possible.
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(Source: COGWM.ORG)

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