STEP Program Sparks Missionary Call

Vance McCollum has spent his ministry as a missionary evangelist with the Church of God. He recently shared his testimony of call to missions and some of the incredible experiences he has had on the field, which began after a summer STEP (Summer Training Evangelism Partners) missions trip.

Healings, Jesus Encounters and More: Prepare for the 2020 Evangelism Explosion

Pentecostal Christians around the country are gearing up for an international evangelism explosion next year through GO 2020, a special edition of Global Outreach Day.

Abortion Taxpayer Funding Axed

The 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals ruled last week that the Trump administration’s regulations on family planning funds could go into effect and federal funding will be cut off to organizations that provide abortions in the same facilities as other services financed by taxpayer dollars. This regulation, called the Protect Life Rule, will stop federal funding flowing to Planned Parenthood by approximately $60 million.