VITAL Initiative Releases Video Series

The Vital Initiative, a Church of God ministry geared toward empowering smaller church congregations, has released a video instructional series designed to coach, challenge, and encourage pastors of smaller churches.

“The Church of God is made up primarily of congregations that run 100 and under in weekly attendance,” stated General Overseer Tim Hill. “These churches, most of which have been in existence for decades, have a unique place in ministry and make impacts on their local communities, not just in the U.S., but around the globe.”

The VITAL Initiative exists to Revalue Pastors, Reclaim Mission and Revitalize Small Churches. It is touted as, “a new paradigm of ministry and a movement among pastors of smaller churches that unapologetically targets these pastors in key areas.”

Pastor Michael Nations leads VITAL Initiative and is featured in the video series, slated to be released on a monthly basis for the next ten months. From his “small” congregation in North Carolina, he has galvanized smaller church pastors, inspiring enthusiasm, hope and a new level of confidence.

The first installment in the video series has been posted and is for viewing and download on the Church of God website. New videos will be released on the second Friday of each month. Pastors are encouraged to visit the site and VITAL Initiative’s site as well ( to learn more about this productive ministry.

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