VITAL Initiative Releases Video Series

The Vital Initiative, a Church of God ministry geared toward empowering smaller church congregations, has released a video instructional series designed to coach, challenge, and encourage pastors of smaller churches.

Preacher Uses Dog to Reach Millions

When bestselling author Ray Comfort picked up his dog and put him onto his bike, he didn’t realize that he was creating an Internet sensation. Comfort’s Living Waters YouTube channel has since exploded to over 75 million views.

Lakewood Church to Celebrate 60 Years

This Sunday, May 12, 2019, will mark the 60th anniversary of the founding of Lakewood Church on Mother’s Day, 1959. Special services will be held this weekend and will feature the Osteen family, as they celebrate the lives changed throughout the last 60 years, and the people of Houston, who have helped make Lakewood a landmark in the city and a beacon of hope throughout the world.

Church Ministries Expanded

Cleveland, TN–Recent progress and expansion in church planting and church revitalization has prompted the International Executive Committee to announce personnel adjustments which affect several vital areas of ministry within the Church of God.

Asia’s Churches Empower Women—So Should We

This past week, I’ve been in Singapore, a nation known as “the Antioch of Asia” because of its thriving churches. Some Western ministry leaders come to Singapore to learn the secret of their church growth. Is it cell groups? Is it their administrative savvy? Is it their openness to the Holy Spirit? All those things have helped—but many people ignore the fact that women have played a prominent role in the success of churches here.

Organization Celebrates Milestone

Knoxville, TN–The National Embryo Donation Center will host a celebration Saturday, June 8 to mark a special milestone. Earlier this year, Sean and Liz Baley welcomed Annaliese into the world. She was the 800th successful birth to come about as a result of the NEDC’s embryo donation and adoption program.