Church Ministries Expanded

Cleveland, TN–Recent progress and expansion in church planting and church revitalization has prompted the International Executive Committee to announce personnel adjustments which affect several vital areas of ministry within the Church of God.

The Office of Church Planting will now be a separate entity, focused completely on the engagement, development and support of church planters, the Church Planting Bank, and partnerships with other cooperative church planting agencies. Mitch Maloney will continue to lead the Church of God’s Office of Church Planting.

Church revitalization efforts will now be focused within the Office of Church Health and Revitalization. This ministry will be directed by Mitch Corder, and as its name implies, will be devoted to the numerous aspects of local church development, growth, leadership training, and coaching.

As Executive Committee liaison and Divisional Director for Care Ministries, Dr. Raymond F. Culpepper, Assistant General Overseer, will continue to give oversight to the Care Ministries Division. A new Executive Administrator for Care Ministries will not be appointed. However, Les Higgins will join the division as Field Representative with a deputational portfolio that includes assistance with donor relations, project awareness, and fundraising.

The Office of Church Planting and the Office of Church Health and Revitalization will be located within Mission North America, a part of the Division of World Evangelism, led by Assistant General Overseer J. David Stephens who serves as the Executive Committee liaison and Divisional Director.

“For a while, I have sensed that God wanted to give the Church of God more open and effectual doors for each of these ministries. I personally believe the leaders involved with these important ministries are now strategically aligned for optimum effectiveness and will greatly advance the Kingdom in their new roles. I am especially delighted that a generous financial gift has allowed us to implement these advances without adding one dollar more to our expense budget. Instead, we anticipate budget savings, while still expanding ministry,” noted Dr. Tim Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, in announcing these appointments.

Hill requested prayers for each of these vital leaders and the very important ministries they serve.

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