Children’s Book Release Celebrates the Diversity of Skin Color

With race and skin color often used to divide and categorize, a new release encourages children to rejoice in their God-designed differences. The Color of Us by Kathy Hardee (Redemption Press, April 2019) teaches that the color of skin is as inconsequential as the color of eyes or hair. It demonstrates diversity as God’s design and a reason to celebrate.

Author Kathy Hardee says, “I am fascinated by the truths taught by Ken Ham, founder of Answers in Genesis, about the origins of man and skin color and want to share with children what I’ve learned.” Her first book, God Made That for Me!, encourages children to be glad because God created the world and everything in it for their pleasure and His glory. The Color of Us is designed to be read to children from ages 0 to 4, and for early readers to read themselves from ages 5 to 7. Choruses sung to familiar tunes are included to reinforce the truths taught in the book.

Kathy Hardee writes from her home in Mendota, Illinois. She is a member of The Starved Rock Writers, The Christian Writer’s View, and is a guest columnist for The Times. DaySpring published her blog, One Minute with God, as a perpetual calendar, and her devotions, articles, greeting cards, poems, and a Christmas program have been published by David C. Cook, Zondervan, Thomas Nelson, Warner Press and others.

(SOURCE: Redemption Press via Christian Newswire)

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