Historic Prayer Conference Held in Kuwait

The Church of God in Kuwait, under the leadership of National Overseer Dr. Sushil Mathew, has more than doubled since 2014. A Bible School has been established, which now has over 25 students. Tim Hill was the first general overseer to visit and minister there.

Eight Ways to Encourage the Flow of the Holy Spirit

I’m grateful for my friend Quentin Beard, who pastors one of the fastest growing churches in South Dakota—Sioux Falls First Assembly. Because Quentin wants his congregation to experience the Holy Spirit, he scheduled a special weekend of meetings so that people could be baptized in the Holy Spirit, get healing prayer and receive personal prophetic ministry.

Children’s Book Release Celebrates the Diversity of Skin Color

With race and skin color often used to divide and categorize, a new release encourages children to rejoice in their God-designed differences. The Color of Us by Kathy Hardee (Redemption Press, April 2019) teaches that the color of skin is as inconsequential as the color of eyes or hair. It demonstrates diversity as God’s design and a reason to celebrate.