Series Expresses Disappointment in Contentious DC Atmosphere

America is increasingly polarized by voices that agitate and caustically arouse emotions through an exaggerated narrative provoking anger and hostility. Such is the ongoing spat from the Omarosa-Trump firestorm over who said what to whom regarding the “n-word.”

“This public disagreement is contributing to an atmosphere of polarization in our nation,” comments Content of Character Series (COCS) Pastor Stephen Broden of Dallas, Texas. “Some will use it to further stir the black community’s sensitivities connected with this word in order to foster more distrust and suspicions. This appears to be an engineered attempt to drive yet another wedge deep into the heart of America.”

As an organization promoting the value and dignity of black Americans, COCS is led to ask what are the possible motivations, and ultimate advantages, in keeping citizens divided? We are aware the stakes of divisiveness are high because they can determine the current and still-to-come generations of Americans of all cultures and colors. Looking at the record, we take the position that the good of our country is not furthered by gossip and innuendo.

In assessing the current situation, COCS steering committee member, radio host, and Washington, D.C. correspondent Lonnie Poindexter muses, “As my dear old dad always taught me, ‘Follow the money son to learn of the true motivations of a person or thing.'”

COCS is following the money by calling on all parties casting stones: mainstream media, politics, sports and entertainment: As keepers of the national trust, prove you have honorable and altruistic intentions. Be truth-tellers, always. But, be peacemakers, as well. Step forward and tap down this animus. Before disagreement turns to violence, return our culture to civility in our discourse.

(Source: Christian Newswire)

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