Church of God in Kerala, India Deluged by Flood Waters

David M. Griffis, Director of Church of God World Missions, has issued an emergency appeal for the State of Kerala in India, where the area is experiencing its worst flooding and monsoon disaster in nearly a century.

Series Expresses Disappointment in Contentious DC Atmosphere

America is increasingly polarized by voices that agitate and caustically arouse emotions through an exaggerated narrative provoking anger and hostility. Such is the ongoing spat from the Omarosa-Trump firestorm over who said what to whom regarding the “n-word.”

Palau Association Returns to Site of First Luis Palau Crusade

Fifty two years after renowned evangelist Luis Palau’s first major campaign in the heart of Colombia’s capital city of Bogotá, the Palau Association returns to deliver the same message of hope to a new generation of Colombians.