Executive Committee Schedules Global “Connect” Tour

Cleveland, TN–Over the next several months, the International Executive Committee of the Church of God will hold a series of meetings to hear from pastors and interested laity. These “Connect” meetings will allow the Executive Committee to talk about pertinent issues and to provide updates on ministries occurring around the globe. The sessions will also allow an opportunity for participants to present questions and have those questions answered by the elected leaders of the denomination.

In discussing the “Connect” tour, Dr. Timothy M. Hill, General Overseer of the Church of God, offered the following comments: “These meetings are an incredible opportunity for us to hear directly from the ‘field’ about matters that are impacting the local church. I have found that when given the opportunity, our pastors will share their heart – and their frustrations. The Executive Committee and I look forward to these frank discussions and hearing the heartbeat of what is going on in local congregations across the country – and around the world.”

In mid-September, the first “Connect” meeting was held as a part of the Go West Conference in Irvine, Calif. The location and time for other “Connect” meetings will be announced as they are confirmed. The gatherings will each be different and modeled to address the needs and uniqueness of various demographics relative to geographical location, cultural realities, church attendance, and more. The desire is to create an atmosphere where all interested ministers and pastors, regardless of the size of their congregation, will have an opportunity to dialogue with the Executive Committee.

“Connect” opportunities will also occur outside the United States. Meetings are already planned in Argentina as a part of the Latin America Assembly, and in Germany as a part of that country’s National Convention. As travel schedules allow, as many of the Executive Committee as possible will participate in each “Connect” event.

Several “Connect Tour” opportunities are being blended with other previously planned regional, state and/or departmental events. These events will be modified to allow for Executive Committee interaction with pastors in attendance. It is anticipated that “Connect” sessions will be incorporated into some of the following events:

• Vital Initiative Gatherings 2017-2018 – focused on congregations up to 100
• Lilly Initiative’s Pastoral Financial Health Seminars 2018 – focused on congregations up to 349
• FINISH Gateway Forum, Mount Paran Central Church, Atlanta, GA – January 29-30, 2018 – focused on congregations above 350
• Senior Adult Retreat Ministers Gathering 2018
• Jeremiah Generation Conferences 2018
• LEAD Conference – General Assembly 2018

Additional “Connect” tour locations and dates will be announced as they are confirmed.

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