Executive Committee Schedules Global “Connect” Tour

Cleveland, TN–Over the next several months, the International Executive Committee of the Church of God will hold a series of meetings to hear from pastors and interested laity. These “Connect” meetings will allow the Executive Committee to talk about pertinent issues and to provide updates on ministries occurring around the globe. The sessions will also allow an opportunity for participants to present questions and have those questions answered by the elected leaders of the denomination.

Rules Added to Protect Conscience of Americans

Washington, DC–The Trump Administration has announced new rules that will provide new conscience protections for Americans.

What Happens When Christians from Every State Make an Appeal to Heaven in the Nation’s Most Symbolic Location?

Worship and prayer tents line the National Mall in Washington, D.C., in the very same spots where millions have gathered in previous years to cry out for change. This time, though, these tents are spiritually charged with the presence of the Lord.