Weatherford Couple Has Answer to Making Marriage Last 75 years

(NOTE: This article first appeared in the Weatherford Star-Telegram in Texas. The Broomes are a retired Church of God ministry couple, who have served as state overseers. Used with permission)

Many things have changed in the world since George and Ora Broome exchanged vows in 1942. But what hasn’t changed is the love and devotion the two have for God and for each another.
On Sept. 18 the Broomes will celebrate a milestone, an exception to rules of Holy Matrimony, as they prepare to celebrate their Diamond Wedding Anniversary. Yep, that’s 75 years.

By Lance Winter

George, who has spent more than seven decades in the ministry, will turn 96 in November and recalls vividly the day he met the love of his life.

“I saw her for the first time while we were attending school in Tennessee,” he said. “She was from Florida and I was from Georgia.”

But it wasn’t until their paths crossed again, on the other side of the country in Washington, the two were able to connect.

“Her mother was in the ministry in Yakima and I was a pastor in Mount Vernon,” George said. “I asked a friend of mine visiting Yakima if he’d get her address so that I could write to her.”

George said he went to visit her once and admitted he was in love.

“I asked her in a letter – next to the Lord – would she love me best,” George recalled. “You see I wanted her to love God first.”

Ora’s response wasn’t difficult.

“I fell for him right away,” she said.

The secret to a long lasting marriage George said is pretty simple.

“I told someone the other day there are three phrases with just two words in them to remember: I’m sorry; forgive me; love you,” he said. People don’t marry for the right reasons. They think, ‘if it doesn’t work out we’ll just get a divorce.’ But we believe what the Bible says, ‘to death do us part,””

After the couple married, they lived in Mount Vernon for the next couple of years in a two room, one bathroom cabin. Neither ever owned a car until after they were married. Then George said he paid $150 for a 1931 sedan.

George said when he retired at the age of 62 from his church ministry it brought them to Parker County in 1984. They still live in their home on Wood Street.

The couple has two sons born on the 17th day of the month, 17 months apart both in their 70’s.
“We’ve been blessed,” George said. “There’s been a lot of sicknesses we’ve been through but God has always brought us through.”

As for advice, George said to love one another, forgive one another, and let God be the head of the household.

“We’re companions,” George said. “We started on the journey together and are still on that journey.”

(Source: Weatherford Star-Telegram)

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