Notification Deadline: 2018 General Council Agenda Items

In anticipation of the Church of God International General Assembly in 2018, this notification serves to communicate the process for the submission of items for consideration and possible placement on the International General Council Agenda.

Weatherford Couple Has Answer to Making Marriage Last 75 years

(NOTE: This article first appeared in the Weatherford Star-Telegram in Texas. The Broomes are a retired Church of God ministry couple, who have served as state overseers. Used with permission)

New Novel, ‘Nathan’s Fate,’ Was Inspired by a Soldier’s Letter

More than a century ago, an actual Civil War soldier wrote heartfelt secrets to the woman he loved. In his letter, the soldier asked that this woman take his written message:

“…to your heart, and may my love be entwined around your heart as the grapevine around the bush. Long may it stand with you and never be forgotten.”