Discovery of Seven Prophetic Scrolls Embedded Within Revelation

For generations, Bible scholars have wrestled with the Book of Revelation, failing to disambiguate its cryptic sequence of events. But groundbreaking Bible research has uncovered the ‘Gospel key’ to compiling the texts of the Revelation into an overlaying, three-dimensional sequence, which all key to the identical terminal event – the sign of the coming of the Son of Man in heaven.

That Gospel key is the ‘Apocalypse of Jesus,’ found in the 24th chapter of Matthew, and in the 17th chapter of Luke, which provides the thunderous sign in heaven of the coming of the Son of Man.

That terminal sign in heaven, illustrating his second coming as Lightning, identifies seven embedded scrolls of prophecy within the Revelation, keying together the identical terminal events, embodied by Lightnings, Thunders, and Voices in heaven. That is the one and only sign in heaven of the coming of the Son of man, provided by the Gospel.

Those seven embedded scrolls can be characterized as representing:
The Seven Seals (verses 5:1-8:6)
The Seven Trumpets (verses 8:7-11:19)
The Dragon v. The Woman (verses 12:1-15:4)
The Seven Vials Of Wrath (verses 15:5-16:18)
The Mystery Of Babylon (verses 16:19-19:10)
The End Of The Age (verses 19:11-20:15)
The New World To Come (verses 21:1-22:5)

In simple terms, only the Gospel of Jesus Christ can interpret the Revelation of Jesus Christ. And it does so in such a way, that it resolves all of the prophetic events of the Major and Minor Prophets, testifying in unison with the Gospel. Everything else is of private interpretation.

Research analyst James Arnett said, “The Revelation was processed just like any other foreign language based intelligence. If there’s any information that cross-references other information, you can build a factual report that can be accurately analyzed. It just works, every time.”

That model points to where we are today in the prophetic sequence of events. Arnett added, “When you factor in the writings of Isaac Newton, it’s hard not to notice that everything points toward six of the Seven Seals being opened – and the Sixth Trumpet comes next with the immanent appearance of the Antichrist.”

This research is published under the name, “Shema Thesis” as a mobile device App for iPhone, iPad, in addition to Android mobile devices for full interactivity.


(Source: Christian Newswire)

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