Church of God, OneHope Sign ‘Global Partnership’

OneHope, an international ministry that is changing lives by sharing scripture with children and youth around the world, recently signed an agreement of ‘global partnership’ with the Church of God. The signing ceremony took place at the Church of God International Offices and included officials with OneHope and the Church of God International Executive Committee.

Alive Ministries Announces Prayer Initiative

Christ followers who believe in the love and redemptive purpose of God can pray with solid hope for Muslims nearby and in far off places. The troubles of our world today can slowly numb the hearts of some Christians against Muslim peoples. But the Bible reminds us “…we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies…” Contending in prayer for Muslim people may be the best thing we can do against the real enemy.

Discovery of Seven Prophetic Scrolls Embedded Within Revelation

For generations, Bible scholars have wrestled with the Book of Revelation, failing to disambiguate its cryptic sequence of events. But groundbreaking Bible research has uncovered the ‘Gospel key’ to compiling the texts of the Revelation into an overlaying, three-dimensional sequence, which all key to the identical terminal event – the sign of the coming of the Son of Man in heaven.