Why A Sacred Assembly?

Sacred Assemblies were occasions for God’s people collectively to worship Him, to repent of personal and corporate sin, to remember His special blessings on them, and to anticipate future blessings. They were times to renew the covenant relationship with the Lord and return to Him in faithful love and obedience. The prescription for sacred assemblies is found in Leviticus 23 and were the appointed festivals.

Even with these regular opportunities to renew fellowship with God, His people tended to depart from Him and from obedience to His commands. Israel’s spiritual leaders knew that the sacred assembly was a time for corporate repentance in the face of God’s righteous judgments (see Joel 1-2). A number of national revivals in the Old Testament occurred in response to a sacred assembly.

The church of our day also needs regular opportunities for individuals and the church to renew their relationships with the Lord–to remember and renew the New Covenant relationship they have with Him. In light of the current crisis, we need to bring God’s people together for an emergency sacred assembly to hurry back to the Lord.

Consider hosting a sacred assembly in your church. We have many resources to help guide your journey of corporately turning to the Lord, including outlines, videos, sermons, bulletin inserts, and more. Pentecost Sunday is a great time to host such an event.

To find out more or for resources, please visit www.awakeningamerica.us.

(Source: Awakening America Alliance)

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