Dedication of Niko Njotorahardjo Chair at Pentecostal Theological Seminary

Cleveland, TN–The Pentecostal Theological Seminary dedicated the Niko Njotorahardjo Chair for the Restoration of the Tabernacle of David (Prayer, Praise and Worship) on Thursday, April 28, in a chapel service followed by a celebration dinner. Dr. Njotorahardjo is a pastor of Gereja Bethel Indonesia, an international Pentecostal church of over 250,000 members. His church donated $1,000,000 for the endowment to establish the chair. The chair focuses on Prayer, Praise and Worship and the title reference to the restoration of the tabernacle of David comes from Acts 14:16-18 (King James Version):

Why A Sacred Assembly?

Sacred Assemblies were occasions for God’s people collectively to worship Him, to repent of personal and corporate sin, to remember His special blessings on them, and to anticipate future blessings. They were times to renew the covenant relationship with the Lord and return to Him in faithful love and obedience. The prescription for sacred assemblies is found in Leviticus 23 and were the appointed festivals.

What to Say (And What Not to Say) to an Abuse Victim

My friend “Jake” attended a men’s conference last weekend in a western state. After one of my sermons—which dealt with the topic of freedom from sexual sin—a dark memory from his past surfaced in his mind. He began to sob, and two men seated near him put their arms around him and began praying.

Christian Standard Magazine Celebrates 150 Years

With the publication of its April 2016 issue, Christian Standard magazine is celebrating its 150th anniversary.