God’s Grace Extends Past the Stigma of Mental Illness

For too long, the topic of mental illness has been overlooked. Families live in secrecy and church leaders helplessly avoid the issue. In a new book, author Kurt Yanik, details how his family was impacted by infidelity, lies, mental illness, suicide, and shame.

Lee University Announces Changes in School of Religion

CLEVELAND, Tennessee – Lee University has announced a change in its oldest academic unit, from the School of Religion to the School of Theology & Ministry.

New Book on Evangelical Christianity Under the Influence of Western Culture

The gap between God and Christianity comes out of decades of observing Western Christianity in the United States and Europe and non-Western Christianity in Africa, Korea, and Native America and years of teaching applied cultural anthropology and intercultural communication.

Groups Partner for Client Success

Faith-based marketing agency Infinity Concepts has recently partnered with Leo McDonald and Kingdom Werdz.

McDonald and Kingdom Werdz will serve Infinity Concepts clients by helping them grow their digital presence through social media, display ads, email, newsletters, programmatic or traditional website ads, mobile advertising, mobile messaging, and online chat.

“There have been so many great advances in the digital world,” McDonald said. “I’m very excited to join an agency like Infinity Concepts that aligns with my faith, serving ministries and nonprofits with the expertise the Lord has developed throughout my career.”

McDonald served 16 years with Meredith Corporation, publisher of Better Homes and Gardens, Ladies’ Home Journal, and Family Circle, among other lifestyle-branded publications, as national sales director. He worked eight years with Mission Advertising Group as vice president of sales and marketing and as president, and two years with BN Media as vice president of sales.

“I’ve always been an audience builder,” McDonald said, “whether it was women’s audiences at Meredith or helping advertisers talk with the Christian consumer market or pastors, this has been my passion. Now I have the opportunity to offer my years of sales, marketing, and advertising experience to help nonprofits and ministries intent on carrying out biblical initiatives.”

McDonald is excited to help connect the right audiences with ministries and nonprofits to begin a lifetime bond. “That could be a shopper finding the right study Bible that she treasures for years to come or a student choosing a college that changes the trajectory of his life,” he said. “It’s all about connections.”

“Leo McDonald has been a friend and colleague for many years,” said Mark Dreistadt, founder and president of Infinity Concepts. “He is someone we respect and value personally and professionally. Leo and Kingdom Werdz is the perfect partner for Infinity Concepts as we focus on growing our INSPIRE digital marketing initiative.”

Infinity Concepts is an award-winning integrated brand communications agency that partners with local, national and international clients to help them connect with the Christian community and faith-based audience.

(SOURCE: Infinity Concepts)

Distinguished Educator Awards Announced

Two Church of God educational leaders have been named winners of the Distinguished Educators Award, a recognition which will be formally presented during the International Educators Luncheon set for the Church of God General Assembly next month in San Antonio, Texas.

Nominate a Book for the 2023 Christianity Today Book Awards

The CT Book Awards will be announced in December at ChristianityToday.com.

FCA Sports Celebrates Canada Day with ‘The Pro-Athlete Experience’

Fellowship of Christian Athletes Canada (FCA Sports) is proud to celebrate Canada Day by launching the highly anticipated “Pro-Athlete Experience” to the “Canada Day Together” event in Mississauga on July 1, 2022 from 2-7pm ET.

General Assembly Women’s Service Set for July 27

A highlight of the Church of God General Assembly is the traditional gathering of thousands of women to experience worship, fellowship, and instruction at the Women’s Service. During the 78th International General Assembly of the Church of God, the service is slated for Wednesday morning, July 27, 2022 at the Stars of the Night Ballroom at the Gonzalez Convention Center in San Antonio, Texas.

New Book Offers Hope to Those Suffering from Physical, Emotional Illness

In these days of the COVID-19 pandemic, which has had both direct and indirect effects on people with chronic disease (according to the CDC),* Dr. Luann Dunnuck offers hope and freedom. She knows firsthand what it’s like to live among daily struggles, and she has seen the kingdom of God come to bring restoration and revival.

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