God’s Grace Extends Past the Stigma of Mental Illness

For too long, the topic of mental illness has been overlooked. Families live in secrecy and church leaders helplessly avoid the issue. In a new book, author Kurt Yanik, details how his family was impacted by infidelity, lies, mental illness, suicide, and shame. Yet God had a plan. Titling the book Sufficient Grace demonstrates Yanik’s realization of God’s strength in his own weakness.

He provides details of events that shaped his young life, the self-esteem impact, and later his own struggles with depression. He relates how, unknown to him at the time, God was at work in his life even before he knew the Lord. The book is a walk through one man’s memories and a revelation of God’s goodness and His healing power. “I wrote this book to help anyone struggling with the effects of trauma or depression. My hope is that this book evolves into a ministry,” says Yanik.

Sufficient Grace is available at Bookbaby.com, BarnesandNoble.com, Target.com, Amazon.com and Superbookdeals.com

Kurt Yanik is a first-time author who hopes this book will help those who fell hopeless and broken so that there is hope, joy and peace in Jesus. He lives in Cary, NC with his family.

(SOURCE: Kurt Yanik)

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