Division of Education Sponsoring ‘Mobilize’ Breakfast at General Assembly

The Church of God Division of Education (COGDOE) has scheduled a breakfast event during the upcoming Church of God General Assembly in San Antonio, Texas.

The event, centered around the Mobilize Ministry of COGDOE, is introducing new educational training programs for local church members. With the theme “Mobilizing Local Members in Ministry Now!,” the breakfast will be held on Thursday morning, July 28, 2022 at 7:00 am at the Crossing Baptist Church, 227 4th St. in downtown San Antonio.

The COGDOE is led by Dr. David Ramirez, third assistant general overseer for the Church of God and Dr. Michael Reynolds, Director of Ministerial Development and Lilly Foundation.

“Laity serve on the front lines for evangelism, whether in part-time or full-time service to a congregation or in the marketplace,” Ramirez stated. “The Division of Education MOBILIZE training prepares lay persons to confidently bear the witness of Christ wherever they may be. Scripture tells us that God will honor the one who serves (John 12:26).” Serving in unity strengthens the church to make a powerful Kingdom impact.”

According to Dr. Daniel J. Vassell, Sr., International Mobilize Ministry Coordinator for the DOE, Mobilize Ministry has educational programs to offer local churches for all levels of laity—to coach, mentor, and disciple local members to become functional in their respective ministry callings.

“Mobilize Ministry looks forward to continuing our part in helping churches fulfill the Church on Mission as we partner to evangelize the lost and make disciples of believers,” Vassell said. “Dr. Reynolds and I invite you to the Mobilize Ministry Breakfast to debut these programs at the International General Assembly.” Space is limited and tickets are available on a first-come-first-served basis.

In addition to Ramirez, Reynolds, and Vassell, special guests will include Dr. Stafford Peterson, General Moderator of the South Africa Full Gospel Church of God, and pastors Doyle and Sylvia Roberts who serve as pastors of International Praise in South Carolina. Musical guest will be Priscilla Rios, worship pastor of Abundant Life Church in San Antonio.

“Our mission is to make sure you and your church are on the right path to flourish. We want your church to grow in personal and ministry life by providing a space for transformation, education, and community,” Vassell continued. “You may have a big dream, but you don’t have to go through it alone. Let Mobilize support your journey by coaching, mentoring, and educating you along the way.”

To register or for more information, visit cogdoe.org/gabrk, email [email protected], or call 423-478-7061.

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