Dr. Robert O’Bannon: A Church of God Missionary…And More

Dr. Robert O’Bannon, 82, passed away earlier this month in a healthcare facility in Cleveland, Tenn. His life was a testimony of weaving in missionary work to make a difference for the kingdom, sometimes sacrificing, or placing on hold, other callings.

‘Real Life’ Becomes ‘Hope Today’

Today, June 22, 2020, Cornerstone Television Network — a faith-based television network — will officially unveil “Hope Today” (the makeover of its flagship talk/inspiration program) to begin airing at 9 AM (LIVE), 1 PM & 8 PM/ET, Monday-Thursday. For the past seven years, the program previously known as “Real Life” served the ministry well, reflecting a message of faith and abundant life. And while those priorities remain, Cornerstone Network has transformed and re-named the program to “Hope Today” to reflect a growing need for hope and inspiration in our culture.

Bill Johnson’s New Book, ‘Hope in Any Crisis,’ Available Now

Senior Pastor of Northern California’s Bethel Church and Best-Selling Author Bill Johnson is releasing his inspiring new book, “Hope in Any Crisis,” about finding peace and comfort when gripped by fear in uncertain times, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

Lee University Launches Office for Racial and Ethnic Relations

Cleveland, TN–Lee University President Dr. Paul Conn announced Thursday that the school is establishing an Office of Racial and Ethnic Relations with Cleveland educator and Lee alumna Gloria Scott-Richmond as its first director.

Why Hide and Seek Is God’s Favorite Game

It was in the fall of 1987. I had moved to Mesquite, Texas, to take a position with Church on the Rock in Rockwall. My life had been turned upside down; everything was falling apart.

As States Reopen, Should Churches Return to ‘Business as Usual’?

After more than two months of stringent lockdown orders, churches across America are finally beginning to reopen, a welcome sign to millions of people of faith who have been waiting for the chance to gather and worship together.

Jim Bakker Sues Arkansas AG, and Arkansas AG Sues Back

Evangelist Jim Bakker has been sued by Arkansas’ attorney general, Republican Leslie Rutledge, for allegedly making a false promise that a product featured on his show could cure coronavirus.

Worshippers Continue ‘Unity Revival’ at George Floyd Memorial Despite Pushback

The camera pans from a memorial of George Floyd in Minneapolis to a stage set up fifty feet away. Roughly 50people are gathered in worship—faces toward the stage, backs toward the memorial.

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