Bill Johnson’s New Book, ‘Hope in Any Crisis,’ Available Now

Senior Pastor of Northern California’s Bethel Church and Best-Selling Author Bill Johnson is releasing his inspiring new book, “Hope in Any Crisis,” about finding peace and comfort when gripped by fear in uncertain times, such as during the COVID-19 pandemic.

“It would be wonderful if in writing ‘Hope in Any Crisis,’ I could bring encouragement and hope to many. But if I’m honest, I want more than that,” said Johnson. “While I long to see people set free from fear or healed of their infirmities, I also want to see them bring that same liberty to others. I want to see the delivered become deliverers, the blessed become a blessing, and the comforted become comforters.”

In “Hope in Any Crisis,” Johnson reveals the divine protection offered to believers, the wisdom in three responses readers can experience in times of uncertainty, and the power in returning to the basics of spending daily time in God’s Word, prayer, and communion.

Readers will discover:
• Kingdom solutions that bring hope in times of crisis

• How to stay sane in the midst of craziness and bring peace to a fearful world

• How to rest in God’s protection and pray the authority of Scripture
The inspiration for “Hope in Any Crisis” came out of the unprecedented season of isolation and uncertainty caused by the spread of COVID-19. Both the disease and fear are pandemic, each with its own devastating consequences.

But we are not left helpless victims to the whims of the powers of darkness. Jesus has given us solutions and His authority. “Hope in Any Crisis” illuminates how to choose to embrace hope and then go out and share it with as many others around you as you can.

“Hope in Any Crisis” is released by Charisma House, which publishes books that challenge, encourage, teach, and equip Christians.

About Bill Johnson
As a fifth-generation pastor, Bill Johnson lives a life rich in the things of the Spirit, using heaven as a model for his life and ministry. As the senior pastor of Bethel Church in Redding, California, Bill Johnson, along with his wife, Brenda (Beni), has networked with a number of churches, crossing denominational lines, to bring revival and build relationships among church leaders.

(SOURCE: Charisma House via Christian Newswire)

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